First Continental Encounter of Alba Movements’ Women and Feminists

We; the women, lesbians, transgenders, indigenous, black, urban and working class people, peasants, students and feminists; the members of Alba’s Social Movements. On November 29 and 30, we gathered in the city of Bogota to analyse the extent of our peoples’ struggle.

We stand firm in our position against the neoliberal, extractivist policies of patriarchal and colonial capitalism.

We belong to feminist organizations, women’s collectives, mixed people organizations and organizations for sexual diversity. We are committed from the outset to the proposal articulated below by the anti-imperialist, Bolivarian movements.

We promote the creation of 21st century socialism envisioned by Chavez and Fidel. We believe that without feminism there is no socialism, and that without the protagonist role of women, there is no revolution.

We began the First Continental Encounter of Alba Movements’ Women and Feminists with the farewell for Fidel expressed by the Cuban people and the people of the world. Moved by the marks that Fidel and the Revolution left on the history of Our America, we salute the Cuban women and all people. We express our love and commitment to the people of Cuba as we pursue Latin American unity, international solidarity and socialism. These founding principles that we reinforce as the heroic creation of our people.

This meeting was held in Colombia in active solidarity with women and social and popular movements who currently face extermination policies that reach the level of a new genocide. We demand that the Colombian State guarantees the implementation of the Havana Agreements, so that the public phase of the peace process with the ELN (National Liberation Army) can begin, and that a great national dialogue be opened, involving all actors of the Colombian society, social and political movements, and especially women.

In this meeting, we declared ourselves in Permanent Continental Mobilization for Peace in attaining social justice and against the feminicide and misogynist violence, which are part of the structural violence that we suffer every day.

We denounce that most governments from the Continent and religious fundamentalisms continue to deny women their sexual and reproductive rights, the right to make decisions over our bodies, penalizing abortion – killing women in clandestine abortions and arresting women for having abortions. There is also repression of LGBTI identities and the establishment of measures to control our bodies.

We demand that comprehensive sexual education be implemented at all levels of public schooling and the development of non-sexist communication.

Despite the advancement of right-wing movements in the continent, through coups d’état, militarization, or through institutional channels, and the threats of destabilization of various popular processes, we reinforce the desire for struggle. We women will continue to have massive mobilizations, and occupy the streets and institutions.

We strongly reject the coups d’état in Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil. No to the coups, no to the coups against women.

We denounce the imperial aggression against Venezuela, the silent blockade of transnational companies and right-wing governments aimed at isolating the Bolivarian Revolution, specifically targeting women, and attempting to smother them economically. The Venezuelan right-wing utilizes various forms of violence against women, intending to demobilize and alienate them from the process of building the revolution.

We follow the decolonizing and anti-imperialist struggles of the women and people of Puerto Rico, a colony of the United States for over 500 years, that is claiming its total independence. We demand the liberty of Ana Belén Montes, Oscar López Rivera and all the prisoners, men and women, of the empire. We demand the definitive independence of the different colonies in our territories and the evacuation of the Guantánamo military base.

US military troops and their military bases in our countries have been raping women, spreading disease and generating various types of violence. We demand the withdrawal of the military bases from the continent. We demand the withdrawal of troops from MINUSTAH in Haiti, and we express our solidarity with Haitian women who resist its occupation and who suffer violence from these troops to their bodies and territories.

We reject the criminalization and murder of women who are leaders of struggles in defense of territories and the common good. We demand justice for Berta Cáceres, and for all those murdered in our countries, and we demand the end of military and paramilitary persecution, and cruel crimes.

We denounce feminicides, that are bleeding out Mexico, Central America, and growing at an alarming rate across the continent, with the complicity of States, drug trafficking and prostitution networks, trafficking, and organized crime.

We call for the organization of 24-hours of feminist solidarity against the precariousness of work for April 24, as per the proposal of the World Women’s March, and to organize a “Ni Una Menos – VIVAS NOS QUEREMOS” (Not one less – WE WANT TO BE ALIVE) Latin American manifestation for June 3, 2017.

We, women, claim our right to pleasure, to freedom and to desire.

Revolution in the streets, in the squares and in the beds.