Daniel Ortega Victorious in Nicaragua

As of Sunday night, with 21.3% of the polling stations reporting, Ortega had won 71.3% of the votes

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FSLN candidates, Daniel Ortega and running mate Rosario Murillo.

MANAGUA.— With 21.3% of the polling stations reporting, Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) announced that Daniel Ortega, candidate of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) had received 71.3% of the vote.

Yesterday evening, November 6, CSE president Roberto Rivas additionally reported a voter turn-out of 65.3%, while noting that no disruptive incidents of any kind occurred. He indicated that 96.2 % of the ballots were valid.

After casting his ballot, FSLN candidate Daniel Ortega spoke to the press, saying, “This vote is for peace, for stability, and the security of Nicaraguan families.”

The President added that the vote was historic, the first to elect 50% men and 50% women as deputies, an accomplishment, he said, “worthy of the land of the patriot Augusto César Sandino.”

The University Electoral Observatory (OEU) called on all candidates and their supporters to respect the results, to maintain the peace which reigned during the vote.

According to the OEU report, based on the deployment of 5,000 university students across the nation, all steps outlined in Nicaragua’s electoral law were followed at the country’s 14,581 polling stations.

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MANAGUA.—Cuban President Raúl Castro Ruz congratulated Daniel Ortega and his running mate Rosario Murillo, for their presidential election victory in Nicaragua, this past Sunday November 6.

“Dear Daniel and Rosario, I congratulate you for this great electoral victory. Our America can continue counting on you to advance efforts to obtain justice and prosperity for our peoples, and the so-necessary integration of Latin America and the Caribbean” Raúl wrote in a message shared by Cuba’s ambassador in Nicaragua, Eduardo Martínez.

Likewise, Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry released a statement in which President Nicolas Maduro congratulated Daniel and Rosario for a “perfect victory for the FSLN.”

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry issued a communiqué, as well, stating, “The government of Ecuador expresses its satisfaction with the excellent condition of bilateral relations between the two countries, and its intention to continue working with the sister Republic of Nicaragua within a framework of cooperation and mutual trust.”

Nicaraguan analyst Cairo Amador commented in a Telesur interview that the election shows that the Sandinista Front continues to enjoy broad popular support, the result of a policy of broad alliances with productive sectors and trade unions which have a vision of development and growth, while noting that Ortega has responded to the needs and expectations of the population.

The country’s Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) confirmed President Daniel Ortega’s victory in the general elections held November 6, after counting the votes cast in 99.8% of the country’s polling stations. According to the CSE report, presented to the press by Roberto Rivas, the leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) daniel Ortega and his running mate Rosario Murillo garnered 72.5% of the almost 2.5 million valid votes cast, according to Prensa Latina.

Rivas reported that the Conservative Party received 2.3% of the vote; the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance, 4.3 %; the Alliance for the Republic Party, 1.4%;

and the Independent Liberal Party, 4.5%; adding that 68.2% of potential voters participated, and only 3.5% of the ballots were ruled invalid.

The CSE official reiterated his thanks to the people who exercised their rights and expressed their opinion at the polls.

“With 98.8% of the results at this time, I think we won’t make another public appearance; the results are here and this is going to be maintained when 100% are in,” he explained.

Thus Daniel Ortega has won his fourth term in office, the third consecutive representing the FSLN.

Venezuela Congratulates Nicaragua’s Ortega on Reelection Triumph

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega speaking following his reelection victory on Sunday. (Radio La Primerisima)
Caracas, November 7, 2016 (venezuelanalysis.com)

Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry issued a communiqué Monday congratulating incumbent Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on his landslide victory in Sunday’s elections.

“The victory obtained by the Nicaraguan people is the result of an extraordinary mobilization of popular forces which demonstrate once again the elevated consciousness of the majority of the Nicaraguan people and its commitment to the construction of a sovereign, independent, and peaceful homeland,” reads the official statement.

Ortega, who led the Sandinista guerrilla struggle that overthrew the US-backed Somoza dictatorship in 1979, was reelected to a third term with 72.1 percent of votes and two-thirds of the results accounted for. The right-wing runner up won just 14.2 percent of the vote and refused to recognize the outcome.

The Sandinistas also won Sunday’s parliamentary contests with 66.4 percent of votes. The polls took place overwhelmingly without violence according to international observers and saw a turnout of 65.8 percent.

The victory has been welcomed by Latin America’s left, which has been reeling from a string of recent defeats at the hands of right-wing forces across the region.

Following Ortega’s election in 2007, Nicaragua became a member of the Venezuela-led regional bloc known as the ALBA, which was launched in 2005 as an alternative to the US-backed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.

Evo Morales: USA Demonizes Democracies Forged by the People

Bolivian President Evo Morales today condemned the United States” intention to demonize democracies legitimately forged by the people, following criticism by the White House of the Nicaraguan electoral process.

‘The democracies recognized by the US, even if they are criminal, are the ones that count. Others legitimately forged by the people are demonized,’ wrote the president in his @evoespueblo Twitter account.

Last Sunday, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega was re-elected for a new term with 72.5 percent of the vote, in an election characterized by tranquility, order and transparency.

A day later the US government issued a statement with harsh criticism of the electoral process, which they described as marred.

‘The only democracies that count are those blessed by the empire. Democratic anti-imperialist processes are failed,’ Evo claimed.

The President greeted the victory of Daniel Ortega, at the head of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, and stated that it was a further step in the liberation of the Augusto Cesar Sandino’s country and his struggle against the empire.

Evo congratulated the ‘courageous’ Nicaraguan people for their electoral day and their support for the Sandinista democratic revolution.

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