Abu Zaid’s Struggle is Stronger Than Any Talk

The following is a translation of a critically important article published a short while ago. (أبو زيد كفاح أبلغ من الكلام)

I am deeply grateful to the translator who made this document available in English. Not only is this a tribute to Dr. Dorda, it is a damning indictment of the crimes of NATO, the February 17th counter-revolution, the UNSMIL’s Martin Kobler and his predecessor, and Western nations and their co-conspirators’ sinister schemes against a sovereign nation and its people.

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya
Jamahiriya News Agency

Abu Zaid’s Struggle is Stronger Than Any Talk

By Hisham Araab
Viva Libya!

The United States is adding a new crime to its myriad crimes as it applies the theory of “Creative Chaos,” which is really “Dictatorship-Bearing Chaos.” In the aftermath of the February Calamity tens of thousands of prisoners were detained in nonofficial prisons supposedly as prisoners of war. These included military and security personnel, politicians, scholars, administrative, economic, social, and religious personalities from both sexes and various age groups. They were detained because they had worked as part of the Jamahiriya regime and/or fought the so-called “17th of February revolution.”

Abu Zaid Omar Dorda was a significant figure of the Jamahiriya regime. He had been minster of foreign affairs, prime minister, Libya’s representative at the United Nations Organization, head of the infrastructure authority, and finally head of Libya’s intelligence agency. Mr. Dorda is being subjected to torture in prison through the executive apparatus representing NATO authority in Libya, which is totally under the command of the new Sultan of Libya namely, Martin Kobler who succeeded the earlier Sultan Bernardino Lyon. The Al Hadba Detention Center in Tripoli is a Libyan “Guantanamo”, where the United States, through its operatives, deploys the most severe forms of torture and harassment on the hero Abu Zaid Dorda to break his will and soften his stance vis-à-vis the sinister schemes of the American Lord of dictatorship that are intended to be imposed on the Libyans after the failure of the NATO invasion, and attempts to brainwash the Libyan people to succumb to the will of West.

Through their local agents, the United States and its Western allies and their Arab stooges practice terrorism on a large scale against Libyan citizens, individually and collectively.

The handpicked successive Libyan administrations passed resolutions and laws based on collective accusation of treason, collective criminalization, and collective punishment against families, tribes, cities, and villages. To execute these decrees various terroristic methods were used including invasion of cities and villages and violating the sanctity of their homes, stealing the livelihoods of their inhabitants, and forcibly dislodging them through direct military aggression. The laws exempted the criminal gangs that carried out these inhumane atrocities against these towns and villages from retribution, granting them immunity from prosecution. Thus, they were enabled to carry out criminal acts without fear of punishment since these laws prevented prosecution for such crimes by deactivating the functions of “judicial arrest officers”, preventing prosecutors from carrying out investigations, and filing lawsuits against perpetrators of such criminal offenses including systematic torture.

These violations of the human rights of Libyan citizens led to the forced displacement to various countries around the world of a third of the Libyan population and the dislodging of another third from their villages and towns to make-shift encampments. The rest of the population have been subjected to various types of repression and criminal acts under western supervision, including acts of banditry, theft, looting, slander, forcible storming of private and public sanctities, individual and collective attacks by individuals, gangs, political parties, organizations, legal personalities, so-called government agencies, as well as by allegedly legislative, executive and judiciary councils.

These crimes went hand in hand with other crimes, including murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, enforced overt and covert disappearances. The crimes were not committed only against young and old males, but they also incorporated women both inside and outside prisons to take them back to the life of slavery, oppression, and hiding from public service that had been the norm before the advent of the 1st of September revolution of 1969.

The detainees are subjected to the most horrible forms of torture and abuse to break their will and to demoralize them because their will surmounted NATO’s terrible, horrific campaign, and did not accept subjugation of the Libyan people, which NATO failed to achieve militarily.

Under orders from Kobler, the US intelligence, and direct orders from its highest authority president “Obama”, Mr. Dorda is being systematically tortured in incarceration to break down the morale of the popular symbols of the regime, especially since he is well known to the United States. During his tenure in New York as Libya’s representative at the United Nations, Mr. Dorda showed the American administration his outstanding capabilities as a speaker and debater as well as inter-actor in his public milieu, which he had acquired through the tasks that were assigned him amidst the various social groups of the Libyan people.

The United States wants to be the Lord of Libyans. This cannot happen without the demoralization of public leaders such as Mr. Dorda. The United States broke the morale of Lt. Gen. Ali Da’uki to break the backbone of the jailed Free Officers, after his legendary steadfastness to keep to the high values of the Great al-Fateh Revolution. The American administration attempted to break the will of Lt. Gen. Hadi Emberesh in the detention center of al-Zintan in a rare act of perseverance and persistence. Now, the orders have been issued to break the will of the hero Abu Zaid Omar Dorda and his honorable colleagues who are sentenced to death and being executed in a slow manner in the “Academy of change”, which is administered by the British intelligence agencies to mollify the Libyan people by smashing the patriotic, revolutionary and popular will embodied in these symbols, to turn them into a people of worms, subdued in the mustiness of February and its decomposed cadaver.

Mr. Dorda is a hero of action not just speech. He is in need of a stand of veracity from a people that refused to be subdued, humiliated or aggrieved. Abu Zaid Omar Dorda himself, his family, and freedom loving peoples around the world must see, in the Libyans, a people worthy of the sacrifices and capable of revolution. The hero in his imprisonment can resist. Why cannot those who are free outside the prisons resist? Why they do not resist injustice?!

The imperialist United States has been defeated, and criminalized by the world, and we should criminalize it before the world. The felonious US orders and directs the torture of Abu Zaid Omar Dorda in prison.

Urgent: Dr Dorda’s Torture Justifies Fears of Deliberate, Systematic Murder