MST Communiqué on the Raid of Florestan Fernandes National School – ALBA Solidarity

We, the international activists linked to the Florestan Fernandes National School (FFNS), the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) of Brazil, other social organizations and parties of Latin America and the Caribbean, reject the violent and unlawful actions of the São Paulo Civil Police against this respected institution, which has become over the years a beacon for the struggles of the peoples of Latin America.

In the early hours of today, the São Paulo Civil Police raided the FFNS, located in the Guararema locality, blocked the entrance and jumped in through the reception window while firing shots in the air.

Right now, the police is still positioned outside the building of the school. Repressive actions like this one have also been carried out in the states of Parana and Mato Grosso do Sul. The Civil Police is following orders to capture members of the MST. They have already detained two from the FNSS and eight in Parana.

This is not an isolated event. There’s a plan to weaken the popular movement in Brazil after the Parliamentary coup and, above all, to implement neoliberal measures. To achieve this, the coupist government is trying to criminalize the entire popular movement.

Together with the comrades of the MST, we demand the de facto government of Michel Temer to end its hostility against the popular movement and the human rights and Constitutional guarantees of the comrades of the FFNS.

We affirm our solidarity towards comrades of the MST and all the movements that participate in the FFNS, including many international militants that are currently inside the building. We also stand firmly besides the Latin American struggles and against the wave of repression from the reactionary right.

We ask the international community to disseminate information on this concerning event by a neoliberal regime that is deploying its repressive force with increasing impunity. Throughout the region, the militants trained in the FFNS will keep fighting to denounce this acts against democracy and for the right to a free and independent Latin America for our people.

Fighting is a Right!

Out With Temer!


Today in Latin America and in the World: “We are all the MST”

Carlos Aznárez
Resumen Latinoamericano

Nothing happens by chance. Precisely when the leader of the Brazilian Landless Movement, Joao Pedro Stedile and other members of the mass organization are at the Vatican participating in the Meeting of Popular Movements with Pope Francis, the Brazilian police violently assaulted the National School Florestan Fernandes which the organization owns near Sao Paulo.

It was an unusual display of the uniformed, using their weapons and firing into the air, insulting the MST militants that were at the location: this is all took place in the context of a clear show of force against one of the most important peasant organizations of the continent, builder of the Via Campesina and endowed with a worldwide prestige because of the work they have been doing in the defense of rural workers and the poor people from Brazil.

Thus, Temer’s dictatorship, the illegitimate government wanted to “show the world” that in his country Human Rights are no longer in force as well as democratic recipes and, much less, the teachings expressed throughout the past few months by Pope Francis himself. The government of the rich is trying to assert their views at gunpoint, counting not only with the “legal” police but also with paramilitaries in the service of large landowners, as happened in the recent assault on the camps of the MST in Maraba.

With the same impudence with which they removed Dilma Rousseff, Temer believes he can act against anyone who fights against their traitorous neoliberal discourse, and in that sense, the MST and the Brazil’s Popular Front are an “enemy to abate”.

But the President, friend of monopolies and the IMF, is wrong: the Brazilian people has years of experience in defending what is theirs, and in that sense, the level of revolutionary consciousness of the members of the MST are an example for the whole continent. They have built an organization from below and without making any concessions to the establishment, maintaining autonomy, generating training of cadres, integrating both women, men and children in a world of solidarity, parallel to the “real” Brazil’s consumption of hegemonic media liars and of the implementation of repression as a lifestyle. All this scare people like Temer and his minions, who believe they have achieved a great feat by entering armed to a popular School where internationalism and popular education have turned it into a paradigm in the path for the fighters in the continent and the world.

After this brutal attack on the Landless, it is time for those who have always received solidarity from the organization to our struggle, to respond in the same way, condemning once again the barbarity implemented by Temer and the Brazilian pro-imperialist oligarchy.

By attacking the MST they are trying to weaken all regional struggles. This is why internationalist solidarity must show its strength against this outrage, loudly proclaiming that, We all are the MST! Fora Temer!

Attack against the MST and the Florestan Fernandes National School. Solidarity from ALBA Movements

To Fight is a Right

ALBA Movements reports and repudiates the persecution that the coupist regime of Michel Temer is carrying out against the popular movement of Brazil.

Precisely on November 4, the day in which all movements of the country convened to the March for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism, the Florestan Fernandes National School, which is a true symbol of unity and cooperation between the peoples, was attacked by the neoliberal undemocratic government that rules the country. This is one more reason for us to reaffirm the need to build more organization, unity and mobilization. Therefore, we will be out on the streets today.

We express our undivided solidarity with the comrades of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) and the Florestan Fernandes National School.

Unity of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean is our goal and our method.

Support the Florestan Fernandes School and repudiate this attack by tweeting the hashtag #LutarÉumDireito (To Fight is a Right)

Continental Coordination of Movements Towards the ALBA

November 4, 2016

Brazilian Police Storm MST School Firing Live Rounds

This is just the latest of several violent crackdowns against social movements by the unelected new right-wing government. A school run by Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement, or MST, was raided Friday by police officers who wanted to arrest eight members of the social movement, reportedly without an arrest warrant.

The MST said the officers arrived in 10 vehicles and broke into the school in Sao Paulo shooting live bullets and threatening people, in the latest episode of the violent crackdown against social movements led by the government of Senate-imposed President Michel Temer, who came to power through a parliamentary coup.

“The MST repudiates the actions of São Paulo police and demands the government to take appropriate action in this process. We are a movement fighting for the democratization of access to land in the country, not a criminal organization,” the social movement said in a public statement.

The Florestan Fernandes National School is seen as a milestone in the achievements of the MST and brings together in one single space training courses for the group and other citizens linked to rural social struggles.

The new minister, Alexandre de Moraes, is well-known to social movements in the state of Sao Paulo. He previously served as secretary of security for the right-wing government of the state and in that capacity oversaw several brutal crackdowns on social protests.

Under the government of Temer, who helped lead the push to depose President Dilma Rousseff, at least nine members of the MST have been arrested across the country. The group is taking legal action to secure the release of these political prisoners