Cristina Fernandez: Political Prosecution is a Regional Maneuver

Former Argentine President Fernandez speaks during a rally outside the Federal Justice building where she attended court in Buenos Aires, Argentina/Photo: Reuters

Argentinean former president Cristina Fernandez stated here Monday that the political prosecution and media harassing against her is spread at regional level.

‘This is a maneuver, and it is seen in Brazil, against former president Lula da Silva,’ she stated to the press after she made a statement in a trial, in which she is accused of favoring a public work during her presidential mandate.

They take those who represent symbolically the processes of social inclusion and of economic transformation as a recipient, important processes that have taken place, and incorporated millions of persons. It is a maneuver at regional level and in my case, obviously a maneuver of the current government,’ she noticed.

After considering to be a capital silly thing to claim that an unlawful assembly the similar one an executive power arisen from free elections, highlighted that the Government of Mauricio Macri treats this way to cover the reigning economic and sociasaster in the country.

She repeated that he asked the courts for a complete audit of the public works during its management and raised the nullity of her statement.

‘They go against all these leaders they think that they can be candidates for the elections and put in danger their electoral project. That’s why, there is the insistence of the electronic vote with a chip. It has been demonstrated everywhere that this type of system has serious vulnerabilities and they point at the fraud,’ she stated.

The political leader was quoted by a fact in which supposed aberrations in the public works awarded to the businessman Lázaro Báez in the province of Santa Cruz during her mandate.

In the courts, hundreds of militants, political organizations and trade union leaders met, to offer their support and solidarity.

Source/Prensa Latina