Paramilitary Threats at FARC Camps

Near the FARC camp zone in Calandaima, municipality of Miranda Cauca, the community received paramilitary threats through pamphlets and graffitis with the letters AUC (United Self-Defenders of Colombia) and AUC (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia – United Colombian Self-Defense), painted on the road, light poles, sewers and abandoned houses.

Cristian Delgado, member of the Francisco Isaías Cifuentes Human Rights Network from the Patriotic March Movement, said that according to the report released by the Network on the verification of the ceasefire in the territory, villagers have reported the presence of unknown people, at night, with motorbikes and dressed in black.

Delgado also said that last Monday there was a meeting with the Military forces of the Mobile Brigade N. 17, the police, the Public Defender and the Mayor’s Office to try to learn what happened but investigative actions have not begun yet. On the other hand, members of the Indigenous and Peasant Guard of Mirando, assured that at the top of the mountain there is no presence of armed groups, however, there are people surrounding the area. That same Saturday, October 22, “in the areas where we later found the graffitis, we spotted camouflaged people”, Delgado expressed.

The Human Rights Defender, assured that the Military leaders “ordered that no officer was allowed to leave the base perimeter of the FARC camp zone” allowing these people to carry out their actions.

Miranda’s inhabitants have moved some communitarian meetings forward to agree on an articulation of protection mechanisms in the territory, in charge of the indigenous and peasant guards. In these meetings, the community also approved the building of new Camping Areas at Calandaima, El Desbaratado and Monteredondo.

At the same time, the community and the members of the Network recognized the importance of coordinating security methods of the Guards and the State. Delgado said that it is imperative “to initiate investigations that can point out the possible enemies of the peace process, who are acting with paramilitaries tendencies”.

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