On the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Muammar Al Qaddafi

On the fifth anniversary of the Martyrdom of Muammar Al Qaddafi,

Jamahiriya News Agency has dedicated the main page to messages from the tribes, the Libyan people, both at home and abroad, who offer their reflections on the life of this great man,  honoring his astounding achievements and his heroic sacrifices made on behalf of both the nation and humanity.

The Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement Archive and the archive of Al Qathafi.org (Muammar Al Qaddafi’s personal website) contain as much of his philosophical writings, interviews and speeches as I was able to retrieve from the Internet Archives after NATO destroyed the original websites.  I believe that one day each website will be fully restored by the Libyan people so that revolutionaries throughout the world can be enriched from the vast knowledge and wisdom they contain.

I highly recommend the Libyan AlJamahir forum where one  will find an excellent library, daily news from Libya, statements from the Tribes and various branches of the Libyan resistance as well as commentary and analysis of current events. This forum is run by dedicated administrators, featuring informative, accurate reports from areas of conflict media cannot reach.

This year the “World Revolutionary Front in Defense of Life and Humanity in Honor of Muammar al-Qaddafī” was born.  It is our response to the final request of Mu’tasim Al Qadddafi.

“We ask you to form a worldwide front against war and NATO. A front that is governed by the wise. A front that will bring reform and order and new institutions that would replace the now corrupt.”


We work with humility and boldness to further Muammar Al Qaddafi’s vision of social justice and liberation for all of humanity.  We prefer to remain nameless, faceless, anonymous, for it is not fame and personal gain we seek, but to carry out the deep work of the most dangerous of dreams, the liberation of the “wretched of the Earth“.

We are everywhere.

We will never forget the beauty of the luminaries who inspired us or fail in our support of those who remain to continue the struggle until victory.

To the oppressors of humanity and the Earth we say, the days of your dominion  are over.

Alexandra Valiente

“How sweet will be the victory of the wretched, and how great! How sweet will the songs be on that golden day, and how brilliant the golden sun of the wretched as it blazes. How sweet this dangerous dream – that hopes will be realized, that wishes become true. That a dream will become reality, that the wretched of the earth will have their state … This is the true secret for their hating you: you are not of this world, you are not wealthy, and for this they hate you. You are not oppressors, and for this they hate you. You are not pretenders, so they hate you. You are not hypocrites or liars, and for this they hate you.”

– Mu’ammar Al Qaddafi


“They thought they buried us. They did not know we were seeds.”

– Nii Gaani Aki Inini, Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan