World Wide Support for Colombia’s Peace Agreement


It’s not just Colombia to have taken to the streets to say Yes to Peace and ask the Final Peace Agreement reached in Havana between the FARC-EP and the Colombian government being implemented.

A demonstration took place in Paris a few days after the results of the plebiscite in Colombia which gave a narrow victory to the No camp. Across the Atlantic it was New York that witnessed a show of solidarity with Colombian people and their quest for peace. The demonstration asked for the Final Agreement to be implemented. Back to Europe, on Sunday some 400 people gathered in Placa Catalunya, in Barcelona, to support the Agreement and on Monday the “Peace for Colombia initiative” met to assess the situation. Also in the Netherlands, The Hague, people gathered to support the Agreement:


In Colombia there were demonstrations in at least 13 cities. And a national rally has been organised for Wednesday 12 October in Bogota. Social organizations, student and citizen initiatives promote a rally asking for the implementation of the agreements.


Immediately after the plebiscite results became known, tens of thousands of Colombian citizens took to the streets to show their support to the Final Peace Agreement reached in Havana and to call for the real possibility to reach peace that agreement offered not to be thrown to the bin.

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Marches for Peace were organised by student and citizen groups who have supported the Yes campaign during the plebiscite, in many cities of Colombia.

In Bogotá people walked in silence, wearing white and holding candles, to congregate in the main square, the Plaza de Bolívar.  The slogan “We want peace!” resounded all over the square. The march was modelled according to the famous silent march led by presidential candidate Jorge Eliécer Gaitán who was assassinated in 1948.

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The leader of the FARC-EP Peace Delegation in Havana, Iván Márquez, tweeted a picture of the thousands of marchers, reiterating the guerrilla group’s commitment to peace: “Before this massive support from Colombia for peace, we swear we will not turn back”.

Victims groups have called on the president to save the peace process, stating that those who voted “No” had to respect the rights of the victims of the conflict.

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Marches also took place in Barranquilla, Cali, Cartagena, Quibdó, Bucaramanga, Santa Marta, Manizales, Cúcuta, Neiva, San José del Guaviare, Arauca, Villavicencio and Pasto.