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Neither water, air, fire or royal dust, scare us. It is us. Nou fè yon sèl kò. Love is stronger than death.

Was Hurricane Matthew man-made?Ezili Dantò of HLLN
I’m getting this question a lot.
Frankly, I don’t know. It looks suspicious.
The way the 2010 earthquake and now Hurricane Matthew hit the Island of Ayiti on the Black side only, and not much in the European-owned Dominican Republic sides, has folks asking my thoughts on this.

I think our relationship and history as Black people since 1503 in Haiti, alongside Blan Kolon’s systemic tyranny and greed, gives us a clue.

We know Haiti has massive resources in gold, oil, iridium and the whites control the ports -land, air and sea – to bring in their CIA drugs. G O D is what Blan Kolon worships first and foremost. Gold, Oil Drugs is their god. They hoard the first two, and use the other to pacify, feed the prison-industrial complex with Black and Brown male bodies accused of drug dealing! Provide jobs for a military police force to keep everyone busy and not looking at the oligarch’s GOD issues.

The South of Haiti is green and filled with fruit trees and mostly with tight-knit communities on these fertile lands, like my own family compound (Lakou), where the gran-grans have resided for over two hundred years.

If you were an enslaving parasite and colonists, out for easy prey, what would you do if you wanted that land, the beaches, the Southern Haiti riches? There are no tent cities in Southern Haiti. It’s something to keep in mind as the poverty pimps land.

Think about the way Hurricane Matthews laid on top of Haiti. The way the storm had dropped to a Category 2 and then, it seemed to whip up to a Category 4 in time to hit Southwestern Haiti, where there was no damage from the earthquake and little excuse for the white saviors charitable industrial complex to make more inroads. They are landing with Obomba’s US military and the Paul Farmer poverty pimps salivating to plunder, pillage, feed and masturbate on Black pain.

The mocking arrogance of the Laboratory, some Haitians said, when they saw how the evil international oligarchs configured the Hurricane Matthew storm to look like a giant skull when the eye hit Haiti dead center. See below the photo of the giant skull image made as Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti and, one video selected for your viewing where our suspicions are shared.

The Clintonian NGOs, the corporate welfare recipients from the Clinton Foundation and the Liberals are so gross and dishonest, they’re still wanting Haitians to vote for the poverty pimping/corporate welfare/liberal dynasty in the US. The bipartisan warfare against Haiti is no longer a secret. George H. W. Bush, the family patriarch, says he’s voting for Hillary Clinton. They think our demise is a lock, folks.

But we’ve been ahead of that game for awhile now.

I don’t know much about why evil is evil like this. But a child can see their decay.

Haitians know a lot about this falling energy and its desperation. One favorite quote bares repeating here:

“The great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed is to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well.”
— Paulo Friere, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Perhaps the Ancestors left us in this place when they left because they knew innocence would win and the necessity of our pain to cleanse?

Courage my people. Know that Haitians will not only survive these parasites, but we’re doing the work of the Ancients for the entire earth; to bring back environmental balance and valuing people over profit.

Dantò lives, Desalin is rising – they are the Haitians on local Haiti and Diaspora radio stations, standing in solidarity with the South; mobilizing caravans of folks with supplies for the South; some, walking there if they have to, bringing the little they have to help those who have lost everything.

Southern Haiti is rich in vegetation and soil fertility. Hurricane Matthew left an ecological disaster which Haitians will overcome.

Haitians have mobilized to help the Haitians hurt in the South. Whole groups and classes of school children are traveling South to help clear roads, yards and do whatever is necessary to help the Hurricane Matthew victims.

The same happened during the earthquake. This time, people all over Haiti – the elderly, the youth, children with their parents – are traveling to the South to be in solidarity with those most affected. Our friends and family are there to lend a hand wherever they can; to clear yards, lift up downed trees, clear away the debris, rescue what’s possible of personal belongings, care for the hurt and sick. The Haitian population going to the South bring clothes, food, cooking pots, utensils, camping supplies, medicine, potable water, filter kits, first aid kits, construction materials and the like, because the population lost everything. Right now they can’t buy anything, the stores are closed, houses are gone, the banks are offline and electricity is gone in many areas of Southern Haiti.

Haiti fishermen travel by boat to reach the areas that are unreachable by washed-out roads with whatever they manage to collect to bring to help.

We will survive and more, fight back. Haitians will not lose their lands in the South to foreigners. It’s our Ancestors’ royal dust. Someone should have pointed that out to the Laboratory idiots thinking to scare and panic Haitians with a giant skull.

We are made of the elements, vibration to matter. Neither water, air, fire or royal dust, scare us.
It is us.
Nou se Ginen. Nou fè yon sèl kò.
Love is stronger than death.
Kenbe djam Ayisyen, pa lage.

Èzili Dantò of HLLN/Free Haiti

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