Colombia: Companies to be Investigated in Special Peace Tribunal for Financing the War Source: contagioradio
Translated by FARC-EP

A report from the Justice and Peace Chamber of the Superior Court of Bogotá points at more than 50 companies for alleged collaboration with illegal groups during the armed conflict.

Several of these companies have been mentioned by paramilitaries in various ways during prosecution processes for massacres, torture, disappearance and forced displacement among other crimes.

It has been learned that these companies would be judged as third parties in the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, which will establish whether there was or no direct responsibility, ie whether these companies were required to pay “jabs” (ie, illegal fees) or if instead they contributed voluntarily to groups in the context of the armed conflict.

In the first case they would be exempt from criminal responsibility and investigations or other legal procedures would be filed. Within the group of some 57 companies some are said to have collaborated voluntarily with paramilitarism while another group are said to have benefited from their criminal actions.

In any case it will be the Special Peace Tribunal and its magistrates to define whether or not they have criminal responsibility. Furthermore they would impose appropriate sanctions in accordance to the crime committed. The preliminary revealed list consists of 57 companies, of international, national and regional level:


Chiquita Brands


Drummond Company

Coca Cola


Ingenio San Carlos






Bagatela S.A.

Agrícola Río Verde

Unibán S.A.

Sunisa S.A.

Tropical S.A.

Conserva S.A.




Envigado Fútbol Club


Cootranscúcuta Ltda


Carbones la Mirla

Arrocera Galves

Ferretería el Palustre





Maderas del Darién

Sociedad de Agricultores y Ganaderos de Nariños (SAGAN)

Dirección Marítima y Portuaria de Tumaco

El Castillo de la Ropa (Ipiales)

Lácteos Andinos de Nariño

Cementos Diamante

Gas de Urabá

Fondo Ganadero del Tolima

Fondo Ganadero del Cesar

Fondo Ganadero de Córdoba

Centrales Eléctricas de Norte de Santander S.A.

Cenabastos de Cúcuta

Aguas Mansas y Vigilar Asociados

Suganar S.A.

Miro Seguridad (Medellín)

Servicentro ESSO Las Vegas

Estación de Servicio San Rafael

Pinturas El Cóndor

Transportes Botero Soto

Ladrilleros Asociados S.A.

Transportes Gómez Hernández

Transportes Sierra

Tejar de Pescadero

Inversiones Minagro Ltda

Porcícola Santa Clara