Zapatistas Reiterate Support for CNTE After Paramilitary Attack

believing-people-with-bannerThousands march in support of the CNTE. “We, Believing People of Simojovel, demand that the government does not betray the dialogue with the CNTE like it betrayed the agreements signed in San Andrés with the EZLN”.

“If evicted, they will return. Time and time again. It turns out that down here, there is no fatigue,” read the letter. (The letter is posted below the article in English and Spanish.)

Mexico’s Zapatistas stood behind the striking CNTE teachers whose blockade was attacked Wednesday by a masked group, calling the attack a “definitive disaster” in an open letter published Thursday.

Ten trucks loaded with a group of masked men came to the camp at highway San Cristóbal-Tuxtla Gutiérrez in Chiapas, where about a hundred protesters had gathered, forcefully evacuating the only camp that civil society and teachers of the National Coordinator of Education Workers, CNTE, held in the state of Chiapas, Wednesday.

The group at first identified as Zapatistas, but locals knew otherwise, according to those quoted in the letter. The “paramilitaries,” who were members of the PRI-allied Ecologist Green Party, were paid, said the letter. They were protected by policemen, according to witnesses, and “were not, nor are, nor will ever be” Zapatistas.

The Zapatistas have long endorsed the CNTE protests against neoliberal education reform, but Wednesday’s attack made them reiterate their promise to “continue to collect the food and necessities that have been denied them (the teachers) and continue to send them. Again and again.”

“We Zapatistas, will not send junk food to those who fight, but toasted non-transgenic corn, not stolen, but rather made with the work of thousands of men and women who know that being Zapatista is not to hide one’s face, but to show their heart,” read the letter signed by Subcomandante Insurgente Moises and Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano.

The letter, dripping with contempt for the actors behind the attacks, also struck a rebellious tone, saying that repression would not stop the movement.

“As the brother Indigenous peoples did in Oaxaca, if evicted, they will return. Time and time again. It turns out that down here, there is no fatigue,” read the letter.

The letter by leading figures in the Zapatista movement pledged to continue to support the striking teachers and their supporters without dictating what steps the movement should take.

“The National Coordinator of Education Workers, as well as the movements of indigenous peoples, (and) neighbourhoods that support the teachers, must understand that, whatever their decision, be it on the route, the destination, the steps and the company they keep, you will receive our respect and greeting,” said the Zapatistas.

Teachers affiliated with the CNTE have been protesting neoliberal education reforms implemented in 2013 by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

A crackdown by police, which left at least nine people dead, drew world-wide condemnation. Talks between the union and the government have failed to produce a resolution.


EZLN: Open letter on the aggressions against the people’s movement in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas




July 21, 2016

To the current governor and the other overseers of the south-eastern Mexican state of Chiapas:

Ladies (ha) and Gentlemen (double ha):

We do not send greetings.

Before it occurs to you to try (as the PGR [i] is already attempting in Nochixtlán) to blame the cowardly aggression against the people’s resistance encampment in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas on ISIS, we would like to provide you, at no charge, the information we have collected on the subject.

The following is the testimony of an indigenous partidista [ii] (PRI) brother from San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mexico:

“At 9am (on July 20, 2016) the Verde party followers were called to the governor’s palace. They went and were told to do again what they had done the other day.”

(NOTE: he is referring to the incident in which a group of indigenous people affiliated with the Partido Verde Ecologista (Green Ecology Party) put on ski masks and went to create chaos at the [teachers’] blockade between San Cristóbal and Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the capital of Chiapas. When they were detained by the CNTE’s [teachers’ union] security, they first said they were Zapatistas (they weren’t, aren’t, and never will be), and later admitted they were partidistas.


But this time they were supposed to dialogue so that the people at the blockade would let the trucks from Chamula that do business in Tuxtla go through. The municipal president (who belongs to the Verde Ecologista Party) sent police patrols and local ambulances. The municipal president of San Cristóbal sent some more police. The governing officials in Tuxtla sent a bunch more. See, they [the people from Chamula] had made a deal with the police—they already had a plan. So they went in there like they were going to dialogue but one group went into the blockade’s encampment and started destroying things, stealing or burning everything they found. Then they started shooting—the Verdes are indeed armed—but shooting like a bunch of drunks and druggies. The police were acting like their security detail, their backup. We don’t agree with what the Verdes did. Now the tourists are scared to come to the municipal centre (of San Juan Chamula) and this screws everybody over because it really hurts our businesses. It’s not the blockade but rather the fucking Verdes that are fucking us over. Now we’re going to go protest in Tuxtla and demand they remove that asshole of a president. And if they won’t listen to us, well then we’ll see what we have to do.”

With regard to that clumsy attempt to dress paramilitaries in ski masks and say they were Zapatistas, it was a total failure (in addition to being a tired old trick that has been tried before by Croquetas Albores).[iii] Questioned on whether they thought it had been Zapatistas who destroyed the blockade and committed these outrageous acts, here are the comments of two townspeople, without any known political affiliation:

A street vendor, approximately 60 years old:

“No! The people who destroyed all that stuff yesterday are people paid by the government, we all know that. They aren’t the ones that support the teachers. The teachers’ struggle is valid; the other option would be that we’d have to pay for education ourselves. And where do they get money to pay the teachers anyway? From the people. What we need is for the majority of other states to join the struggle, there are four that are already in but we don’t know how long the others will take.”

A Chamula indigenous person, a street vendor:

Naaahhh, those weren’t Zapatistas. Zapatistas don’t act like that. Plus the Zapatistas support the teachers and those people yesterday were trying to pass themselves off as Zapatistas by putting on ski masks, but they aren’t; they don’t act like Zapatistas at all.”

“So who were those people yesterday?”

“Those are other people, they get paid for that.”

“What do you think of the teachers’ struggle?”

“That we should all support them.”


We are sure that you don’t know this (either that or the stupidities that you commit are because you are in fact stupid), but the so-called “teachers’ conflict” arose because of the stupid arrogance of that mediocre police wannabe who still works out of the Department of Public Education (SEP by its Spanish acronym. Oh you’re welcome, no thanks needed). After the teachers’ mobilizations and the government’s response in the form of threats, firings, beatings, imprisonment, and death, the teachers in resistance managed to get the federal government to sit down to dialogue. This is in fact a federal issue. It is up to the federal government and the teachers in resistance to dialogue and come to an agreement or not.

You sympathize with the hard-headedness of that mediocre policeman. We Zapatistas sympathize with the teachers’ demands and we respect them. This applies not only to the CNTE, but to the entire people’s movement that has arisen around their demands. As Zapatistas, we have made our sympathy public by supporting them in word and deed, with the small amount of food that we could put together from our own tables.

Do you think this movement, now taken up by so many people, is going to be defeated by evicting a few encampments, even when you disguise it as “citizen rage?” You’ve already seen that doesn’t work. Just like what happened with our brothers, the originary peoples in Oaxaca—if you destroy their camps they’ll build them back up. Time and time again. The thing is that here below there is no fatigue. Your bosses calculated that the teachers’ resistance movement would deflate over summer vacation. Now you’ve seen that you were wrong (hmmm, that’s more than three failures in one evaluation. If we applied the “education reform” in this case you would already have been fired and would be looking for work in the Iberdrola alongside the psychopath.) [iv]

The movement has been able to generate and concretize the sympathies of the people, while you all only generate dislike and repudiation.

As we were already saying as of two months ago, the movement already encompasses various social sectors and, of course, their specific demands. For example, you’re not around to hear it but people are demanding Cancino be removed from office (the supposed municipal president of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, a city in Chiapas, Mexico, in case you didn’t know) and Narciso be put in jail (the paramilitary boss of the ALMETRACH.) [v] This and the other things they are demanding can be summarized in one word: good government. How long will it take you to realize that you are just in the way, parasites that infect the entire society, above and below?

The thing is that you all are so sure of yourselves that you send your attack dogs to steal the few belongings of these people who are PEACEFULLY protesting. Well, we Zapatistas will again begin to collect the food and basic necessities you stole from them and supply them once again. And we will do so over and over again.

Instead of making ridiculous declarations (like denying having a role in that cowardly attack on the people’s encampment in San Cristóbal), you could contribute to the easing of tensions necessary for this dialogue and negotiation to take place as determined by both parties (which are, we might remind you, the Federal Government and the National Coordination of Education Workers). It would be a good idea to tie up your attack dogs (Marco Antonio, Domingo, and Narciso). Just whistle and shake a wad of bills at them and you’ll see how they come running.




And some unsolicited advice: don’t play with fire in Chamula. The unrest and division you are inciting in that town with your stupidities could provoke an internal conflict of such terror and destruction that you wouldn’t be able to quash it with social network bots or paid “news” articles or the little money that Manuel Joffrey Velasco Baratheon-Lannister has left in the state treasury.

So be calm. Be patient and show some respect. We hope the federal government will dialogue and negotiate with seriousness and commitment, not only because the teachers’ demands are just, but because this might be one of the last times there is someone with whom to dialogue and negotiate. The process of decomposition you have encouraged is so advanced that soon you won’t even know who to slander. Plus there won’t be anyone on the other side of the table. Understood?

So, do your thing. That is, go back to Photoshop, to the celebrity news, the flashy parties, the spectacle, the gossip magazines, to the frivolity of those who lack intelligence. Govern? Oh come now, not even the paid media believe you do that.

It’s better that you step aside and learn, because this is Chiapas, and the Chiapas population is a lot to take for such a lame government.


To whom it may concern:

As Zapatistas it is our conviction—and we act in accordance—that the movement’s decisions, strategies, and tactics should be respected. This applies to the entire political spectrum. It is not acting in good faith to hitch oneself onto a movement and try to steer it in a direction outside of its internal logic. And that goes for attempts to slow it down or speed it up. If you can’t accept that, then at least say clearly that you want to use this movement for your own ends. If you say so directly, perhaps the movement will follow you, perhaps not. But it is healthier to tell the movement what you are seeking. How do you expect to lead if you don’t respect the people?

We Zapatistas are not going to tell our current teachers (those from the CNTE and also from the towns, barrios, and neighbourhoods that support them) what to do and what not to do. This should be crystal clear to all noble people in struggle: ANY ACTION TAKEN BY THE ZAPATISTAS IN RELATION TO THE CURRENT POPULAR MOVEMENT (or those that later emerge) WILL BE PUBLICLY MADE KNOWN AHEAD OF TIME, always respecting the movement’s times and ways. The National Coordination of Education Workers as well as the originary peoples’ movements, neighbourhoods, and barrios that support the teachers should understand that whatever decisions they make—whether about their path, their destiny, their steps, or their company—they will have our respect and our salute.

This thing of dressing up like Zapatistas and yelling slogans that involve others is fine as a bit of entertainment and a line on your resumé, but it is nevertheless false and dishonest. We did not rise up to hand out stolen junk food, but rather for democracy, freedom, and justice for all. If you think breaking windows and stealing food that isn’t even nourishing is more revolutionary and of more help to the movement, well, let the movement decide. But clarify that you are not Zapatistas. We don’t care when people tell us we don’t understand the “conjuncture,” or that we don’t have a vision of how to use electoral advantage, or that we are petit-bourgeoisie. We only care that that teacher [maestro, maestro] that señora, that señor, that young person [joven, jóvena] feel that here, in the mountains of south-eastern Mexico, there are those who love them, respect them, and admire them. This is what we care about, even though such sentiments do not come into play in grand electoral strategies.

The teachers in resistance and, now more and more often, the people’s movement that gathers around them face very difficult adverse conditions. It isn’t fair that, in the midst of all of that, they have to deal not only with clubs, batons, shields, bullets, and paramilitaries, but also with “advice,” “orientation,” and “with-all-due-respect”-type orders telling them what to do or what not to do, or whether to advance or retreat—that is, what to think and what to decide.



We Zapatistas don’t send junk food to those who struggle, but rather non-GMO corn tostadas which are not stolen but rather homemade through the work of thousands of men and women who know that to be Zapatista does not mean to hide one’s face but rather to show one’s heart. Because reheated Zapatista tostadas relieve hunger and inspire hope. And you can’t buy that in convenience stores or supermarkets.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés

Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano

Mexico, July 21, 2016

[i] Procuraduría General de la República, Mexico’s Attorney General

[ii] Refers to someone affiliated with one of the registered political parties.

[iii] “Croquetas,” or doggy biscuit, was the nickname assigned by the EZLN to Roberto Albores Guillén, governor of Chiapas from 1998-2000.

[iv] This likely refers to ex-president Felipe Calderón who recently took a job with a subsidiary of Iberdrola.

[v] La Asociación de Locatarios del Mercado Tradicional, Traditional Market Tenants’ Association.

Translated by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity

Carta abierta sobre la agresión al movimiento popular en San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas


21 de Julio del 2016.

A quien sea ahora el gobernador en funciones y demás capataces del suroriental estado mexicano de Chiapas:

Damas (já) y Caballeros (doble já):

No reciban nuestros saludos.

Antes de que se les ocurra inventar (como ya está haciendo la PGR en Nochixtlán, Oaxaca) que la cobarde agresión contra el campamento de resistencia popular en San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, fue orquestada por ISIS, les pasamos, gratis, el informe que hemos recabado:

Las siguientes son palabras de un hermano indígena partidista (PRI) de San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, México:

“A las 9 de la mañana (del día 20 de julio del 2016) llamaron a los del Verde a su casa del gobernador. Ahí regresaron y que les dijeron que hagan como hicieron el otro día.

(NOTA: se refiere a cuando un grupo de indígenas del Partido Verde Ecologista se pusieron pasamontañas y fueron a hacer desmanes en el bloqueo de San Cristóbal y en Tuxtla Gutiérrez, capital de Chiapas. Cuando fueron detenidos por la seguridad de la CNTE primero dijeron que eran zapatistas (no lo eran, ni lo son, ni lo serán), luego ya dijeron que son partidistas.

Pero que esta vez iban a ir a dialogar, para que los del bloqueo dejaran pasar los camiones de los chamulas que hacen comercio en Tuxtla. El presidente municipal (del Verde Ecologista) puso las patrullas y la ambulancia locales. El de San Cristóbal otro tanto de policía. Los gobiernos de Tuxtla un buen tanto más. De por sí hicieron trato con los policías, o sea que tenían su plan pues. Y entonces llegaron como que quieren dialogar y un grupo se cruzó y entonces empezaron a romper todo, a robar y a quemar, o sea que por dos lados los agarraron. Luego, como traen armas, porque de por sí los Verdes andan armados, pues a disparar como bolos y mariguanos. Y los policías estaban como cuidándolos, o sea que eran su apoyo. Eso que hicieron los verdes ya no estamos de acuerdo. Porque de por sí ahora los turistas tienen miedo de venir a la cabecera (de San Juan Chamula) y eso perjudica a todos porque baja el comercio mucho. No es el bloqueo, son los pinches verdes que están chingando todo. Ahora vamos a ir a protestar a Tuxtla para que quiten a ese presidente que es tan pendejo. Y si no hacen caso, pues ya lo vamos a ver aquí cómo le hacemos.”

En lo que se refiere a su torpe maniobra de encapuchar paramilitares para presentarlos como zapatistas (además de que es un refrito usado antes por el Croquetas Albores), es un fracaso rotundo. Cuestionadas sobre si creían que eran zapatistas los que habían desalojado el bloqueo y hecho desmanes, esto respondieron dos personas del pueblo, sin filiación política conocida:

Un comerciante ambulante, edad aproximada 60 años responde:

“¡No! Los que hicieron destrozos ayer son gente pagada del gobierno, de por sí lo sabemos. No son los que apoyan a los maestros. Porque la lucha de los maestros está bien, si no, vamos a terminar pagando la educación nosotros. Y ¿de dónde sacan para pagarle a los maestros? Pues del pueblo. Lo que falta es que por lo menos la mayoría de los estados se decidan a entrarle, porque ya hay cuatro estados que están ya puestos, pero los demás no sabemos para cuándo.”

Una indígena Chamula, comerciante ambulante, contesta:

“¡Naaaa!!!, no son ellos, ¡ellos no se comportan así! Ellos (los zapatistas) sí están apoyando a los maestros y los de ayer se quieren hacer pasar como ellos, pero no son, sólo se ponen sus pasamontañas, pero no se portan igual.

– ¿y quién era la gente de ayer?
– Son otros, les pagan.
– ¿y cómo ve lo de los maestros?
– Pues es que sí se necesita apoyarlos”

Estamos seguros que ustedes lo ignoran (es eso, o que las tonterías que hacen es por lo mismo, o sea por tontos), pero resulta que el así llamado “conflicto magisterial” surge por la estúpida prepotencia del gris aspirante a policía que todavía despacha en la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP, por sus siglas en español, oh, de nada, no hay por qué darlas). Después de movilizaciones y de la respuesta gubernamental a esas movilizaciones con amenazas, despidos, golpes, cárcel y muertes, el magisterio en resistencia logró que el gobierno federal se sentara a dialogar. Es, pues, un asunto federal. Corresponde al gobierno federal y al magisterio en resistencia dialogar y llegar o no a acuerdos.

Ustedes simpatizan con la cerrazón del gris policía. Nosotras, nosotros, zapatistas simpatizamos con las demandas del magisterio y lo respetamos. Y no sólo a la CNTE, también y sobre todo al movimiento popular que se ha levantado en torno a sus demandas. Como zapatistas que somos, hemos hecho pública nuestra simpatía apoyándolos, además de con la palabra, con el poco alimento que pudimos juntar de nuestras mesas.

¿Ustedes creen que a ese movimiento, ya popular, lo van a derrotar con desalojos, así sea disfrazados de “indignación ciudadana”? Pues ya lo vieron que no. Al igual que los hermanos pueblos originarios hicieron en Oaxaca, si los desalojan, se vuelven a poner. Así una y otra vez. Porque resulta que acá abajo, no hay cansancio. Sus patrones de ustedes calcularon que el movimiento del magisterio en resistencia se iba a desinflar por las vacaciones. Ya vieron que se equivocaron (mmh, ya son más de 3 fallas en la evaluación, si les aplicaran la “reforma educativa” ya estarían despedidos, y buscando empleo en Iberdrola al lado del psicópata).

El movimiento no hace sino crecer y concertar simpatías, mientras ustedes sólo convocan antipatías y repudio.

Como lo señalamos desde hace casi dos meses, el movimiento ya acuerpa distintos sectores sociales y, claro, sus demandas específicas. Por ejemplo, no están ustedes para saberlo, pero ya piden la destitución de Cancino (supuesto presidente municipal de San Cristóbal de Las Casas, ciudad que está, tal vez ustedes lo ignoren, en el estado de Chiapas, México) y el encarcelamiento de Narciso, jefe paramilitar de la ALMETRACH. Eso y otras cosas que demandan, que se pueden resumir en una sola: buen gobierno. ¿Qué tarda en que se den cuenta de que ustedes, tod@s, estorban, que no son sino parásitos que enferman a la sociedad entera arriba y abajo?

Pero entonces pasa que ustedes se sienten muy seguros y mandan a sus perros a robarles sus pocas pertenencias a esas personas que se están manifestando PACÍFICAMENTE. Bueno, pues entonces nosotros, nosotras, zapatistas, volveremos a juntar alimentos y los enseres que les quitaron, y se los volveremos a mandar. Así una y otra vez.

En lugar de hacer declaraciones ridículas (como la del deslinde del cobarde ataque al plantón POPULAR en San Cristóbal), podrían contribuir en algo a la distensión necesaria para que ese diálogo y negociación siga el rumbo que determinen sus partes (que, les recordamos, es entre el Gobierno Federal y la Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación), harían bien en amarrar a sus perros (de nombres Marco Antonio, Domingo y Narciso). Sólo sílbenles agitando un fajo de billetes y verán cómo obedecen.

Y un consejo no pedido: no jueguen con lumbre en San Juan Chamula, el descontento y la división que, dentro de ese pueblo, están fomentando ustedes con sus tonterías, puede provocar un conflicto interno cuyo terror y destrucción no se podrán tapar ni con bots en redes sociales, ni con inserciones pagadas, ni con el poco dinero que Manuel Joffrey Velasco Baratheon-Lannister haya dejado en la tesorería estatal.

Entonces tranquilos. Paciencia y respeto. Esperemos que el gobierno federal dialogue y negocie con seriedad y compromiso. No sólo porque las demandas magisteriales son justas, también porque tal vez ésta es de las últimas veces en que habrá con quién dialogar y negociar. Es tal la descomposición que han alentado ustedes que, pronto, no sabrán ni a quién calumniar. Además, claro, que no habrá nadie en el otro lado de la mesa.


Entonces, ustedes a lo suyo, es decir, al Photoshop, las páginas de sociales, las fiestas de relumbrón, los anuncios monumentales, las revistas del corazón, la frivolidad de quien carece de inteligencia.

¿Gobernar? ¡Vamos, eso ya no se los creen ni los medios de paga!

Mejor háganse a un lado y aprendan, porque éste es Chiapas, y el chiapaneco es mucho pueblo para gobierno tan miserable.

A quien corresponda:

Como zapatistas que somos es nuestra convicción, y obramos en consecuencia, que se deben respetar las decisiones, estratégicas y tácticas, del movimiento. Y esto va para todo el espectro político. No es legítimo querer montarse en un movimiento para tratar de llevarlo a un lado fuera de su lógica interna. Ni para frenarlo, ni para acelerarlo. O si no, digan claro que lo que quieren es usar ese movimiento para sus fines y propósitos particulares. Si lo dicen, tal vez el movimiento sí los sigue, tal vez no. Pero es más sano hablarle claro al movimiento sobre lo que se busca ahí. ¿Cómo quieren dirigir si no respetan a la gente?

Nosotras, nosotros, como zapatistas que somos, no vamos a decirle a nuestras maestras y maestros actuales (l@s de la CNTE y los pueblos, barrios y colonias que apoyan) qué hacer o qué no. Esto les debe quedar bien claro a todas esas nobles personas que luchan: CUALQUIER MOVIMIENTO QUE HAGA EL ZAPATISMO EN LO QUE SE REFIERE AL MOVIMIENTO POPULAR EN CURSO (o los que surgirán después) LO HARÁ SABER PÚBLICAMENTE CON ANTELACIÓN y siempre respetando sus tiempos y modos. Tanto la Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación, como los movimientos de pueblos originarios, colonias y barrios que apoyan al magisterio, deben entender que, cualquiera que sea su decisión, sea sobre el rumbo, el destino, los pasos y la compañía que decidan, recibirá nuestro respeto y saludo.

Lo de “disfrazarse” de zapatistas y gritar consignas que involucren a otr@s, está bien para que se diviertan un rato y tener una medallita en su curriculum, pero no deja de ser falso y deshonesto. Nosotr@s no nos alzamos para repartir comida chatarra robada, sino por democracia, libertad y justicia para tod@s. Si creen que es más revolucionario y que ayuda más al movimiento, romper vidrios y robar comida que ni alimenta, pues que el movimiento valore y decida. Pero aclaren que no son zapatistas. A nosotr@s no nos molesta ni enfada que nos digan que no entendemos el momento coyuntural, o que no tenemos visión de las ventajas electorales, o que somos pequeño burgueses. Sólo nos interesa que esa maestra, ese maestro, esa señora, ese señor, ese joven o jóvena, sientan que acá, en las montañas del sureste mexicano, hay quienes les quieren, les respetan y les admiran. Aunque en las grandes estrategias electorales o revolucionarias no entren en juego esos sentimientos.

Porque el magisterio en resistencia y, como se hace cada vez más frecuente, el movimiento popular que se acuerpa en torno a él, enfrenta condiciones adversas muy difíciles. No es justo que, en medio de todo esto, tenga que sortear ya no sólo barrotes, toletes, escudos, balas y, ahora, paramilitares; también “consejos”, “orientaciones”, y órdenes “con-todo-respeto” indicándoles lo que deben o no hacer, avanzar o retroceder, es decir, pensar y decidir.

Nosotras, nosotros, zapatistas, no les mandaremos comida chatarra a quienes luchan, sino tostadas de maíz no transgénico, no robadas, sino hechas con el trabajo de miles de hombres y mujeres que saben que ser zapatista no es ocultar el rostro, sino mostrar el corazón. Porque las tostadas zapatistas, recalentadas, alivian el hambre y alientan la esperanza. Y eso no se consigue en las tiendas de conveniencia ni en supermercados.

Desde las montañas del Sureste Mexicano.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.
Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano.
México, 21 de julio del 2016.