HDP Statement on Attempted Coup: “Our Stance Against the Coup is Clear”

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş held a press conference in the HDP building in Amed on the coup attempt.

Demirtaş stated that they could not join the meeting at the parliament in Ankara because of flights, and the coup attempt of soldiers from the military has not yet been fully contained.


Demirtaş noted that the HDP’s stance against coups and coup plotters was clear, and the HDP remained loyal to democratic principles and condemned the attempt from the beginning of the coup. Demirtaş stated that there could be no legitimate defense of coups, and shared determination enabled the failure of last night’s attempt. Demirtaş said that expecting coups to contribute to democracy was naïve, and underlined the importance of understanding the grave mistakes of last night’s plotters who were eventually defeated.


Demirtaş recalled that a need for democracy emerged after the June 7 elections, and the civilian coup that has taken place since then continues to remain. Demirtaş described last night’s attempt as a new coup movement against the coup faction, and said that Turkey failed to evaluate the opportunities that arose from the results of June 7 elections. Demirtaş said that the nationalist and racist war bloc has split into two, and last night’s events force Turkey to reevaluate the results of June 7 elections. The HDP Co-President said that certain steps need to be taken in order to rid Turkey of coup threats, and the statements of the President and the Prime Minister would reveal if these steps would actually be taken.


Demirtaş stated that a sincere and brave route that would end the polarization in Turkey was needed and should be taken this year. Demirtaş called for an end to authoritarian policies and emphasized the need for a democratic environment. The HDP president said that the importance of the democracy front resurfaced after last night, and called for enhancing the struggle for democracy. Demirtaş warned the dangers of insisting on post-June 7 policies, and said that the AKP government should stop its paranoid policies.

Demirtaş criticized those that describe the HDP as collaborators of coup plotters, and said that they only want to live on their own lands freely and equally. Demirtaş emphasized the importance of the public’s role in politics, and noted that those that labeled HDP parliamentarians as traitors for calling upon people to take their democratic struggle to the streets were doing similar acts today. Demirtaş said that it was legitimate to resist against coups on the streets, and the HDP would continue counting on the people and their public resistance.


HDP Co-President Demirtaş warned that ISIS mentality would develop if peoples believing in a bright future failed to shape their own future, and the HDP would not defend coup plotters under any circumstances. Demirtaş offered his condolences to the families of the people that were killed last night, and said that the HDP would continue its parliamentarian struggle with the support of the people.


In response to a question on the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Demirtaş said that Öcalan has been able to understand the developments in Turkey better than anyone else despite the isolation he has been objected to over the past 17 years. Demirtaş recalled Öcalan’s warnings that ‘a coup mechanism would be activated if the peace process ended, and the process was the main obstacle on the way of future coups. Lastly, Demirtaş emphasized that Turkey was suffering immensely from the isolation and exclusion of a person like Öcalan, who has been interpreting developments in Turkey, Syria and the Middle East correctly and critically.


HDP Releases Roadmap for Overcoming Attempted Coup in Turkey

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) gathered today to discuss the failed coup attempt in Turkey and the possible ways of overcoming the current situation. A roadmap was released following the meeting.

HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş listed the steps to be taken for overcoming the chaos and called for a democracy front to be formed. Demirtaş said the 7 June 2015 civil coup by Erdogan and the war launched by the government in the Kurdish region had created fertile ground for the coup.

Below we list the suggestions made by the HDP:

– There have been no meetings with Abdullah Öcalan for more than a year. We do not know what is happening in Imrali island prison where Mr. Öcalan is imprisoned. We do not know what the putschist forces, who bombed parliament, have done in Imrali. Although the Justice Ministry made a short statement about Mr. Öcalan’s situation, it is far from being satisfactory. It is of an urgent nature for Mr. Öcalan’s family and lawyers to visit him. This needs to be done immediately.

– It has become clear once again how wrong the new law, which gave the military immunity, is. This law needs to be revoked immediately.

– The Chief of General Staff must be reformed and bound to the National Defence Ministry. It has become clear that as an autonomous structure, it is open to instigating coups.

– An investigation commission needs to be formed immediately to investigate and lay bare the 15 July coup attempt.

– The leaders of all political parties need to come together urgently at a summit to discuss developments and the steps to be taken.

– The call made by a government official for citizens to take up arms must be rectified and withdrawn immediately. The person who said this must declare to public opinion that this was wrong. [If this isn’t done] personal arming cannot be stopped. These types of calls will also strengthen the perception that the state cannot protect society.

– The necessary intervention needs to be made against those who are engaging in anti-democratic actions on streets. The right to protest of those who are on the streets for democracy must be protected. Not only the right to protest of those who are pro-AKP but also those who are against the AKP and the coup.

– Thousands of people who are accused of being putschists and pro-coup have been detained. It is clear from footage that suspects have been tortured. This practice must be stopped immediately and an investigation must be launched against those engaged in torture.

– The curfews and destruction of cities and towns must cease. The government must stop preventing the solidarity that is needed for the rebuilding of these areas. Furthermore the government, which sent today’s putschist forces to Kurdish areas to stop Kurds from exercising their democratic rights, must account for the decisions it has taken in the destruction of these areas.

Upcoming days critical

Demirtaş finished his statement by saying, “The upcoming days are very sensitive and critical. There are going to be some who engage in provocative actions on the streets. These actions must be exposed and defused. The streets don’t belong to those with Islamic State mentality. They belong to the people as a whole. People need to defend themselves where necessary. We believe we are going to overcome these days by struggling in joint, democratic front.”