Colombian Armed Forces Attack FARC-EP Delegates Heading to Havana Peace Talks


On July 8, a commission of FARC-EP delegates that were set to be transported towards Havana, Cuba was attacked by Colombian Armed Forces despite the coordinated effort between the National Government and the FARC-EP to allow the procedure.

Government officials rushed to make statements putting the entire blame on the FARC-EP referring to imprecise coordinates given by the latter on regards of the exact location of departure.

As of the moment, 3 members of the FARC-EP are injured due to the ambush without the possibility of receiving humanitarian assistance do to bureaucratic and military obstructions set by the Government and its Armed Forces, directly incurring in a violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and creating an environment of mistrust in the midst of the final phase of the Peace Process.

Comandante Timoleón Jiménez in an interview for Nueva Colombia Noticias explained the situation that happened in La Uribe, Méta that has triggered a national controversy.

Timochenko recognizes the human error made by establishing the departure point outside of the shared coordinates with the Government; however, this shift was informed by local FARC-EP Comandante Aldinever to the respective Armed Forces Comandante of Brigade 21 via telephone.

On Friday morning, with apparent previous authorization by the General Command of Colombian Armed Forces, troops from 21st Brigade assaulted the FARC-EP members with ground and air support, leaving 3 insurgents injured.

Timochenko goes on to emphasize that given the previously explained context, it is not true –as Government officials have put it- that the ambush occurred due to accidental encounter nor that the situation occurred due to an exclusive error made by the FARC-EP.

In this moment the situation has not been resolved due to the lack of cooperation for humanitarian assistance to the injured FARC-EP members, who in companionship with more guerrilla combatants were ordered to await assistance and incur in combat only for self defense purposes.