The Coup d’etat by the OAS

By Luis Britto Garcia

Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López declared that there is a coup in progress.

Must the reader be reminded that since its foundation in 1948 the Organization of American States has given legitimacy to interventions by the United States that include in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Chile, Panama, Grenada, Haiti, Venezuela, Paraguay and Honduras?Must I remember that on the morning of April 11 of 2002 the US ambassador Charles Shapiro declared to the press accusing Venezuela to be “Outside the Democratic Charter of the OAS” to give legitimacy to the coup that would be perpetrated hours later?

I will review the actions of the OAS that took no steps against the dictatorship of Carmona and only through the actions of the social movement MINGA requested information on the whereabouts of the kidnapped president recognizing the dictatorship as a government in situ.

I will also inform that although Venezuela made the accusation in the Interamerican Convention of Human Rights of the OAS in 2012, four years later it continues to accuse our country making demands before the Interamerican Court.

We will once again charge that the Commission condemns Venezuela beforehand allowing only 20 minutes to defend itself against Reports with 373 incriminatory clauses and published the accusatory Report in its entirety but not one line of defense.

We must inform that the 373 clauses of libel regarding 2014 the Commission accepts 42 clauses against the sovereignty of Venezuela and its right to select its political, economic and social system. There are 144 charges not solved in internal courts, 198 founded only on press reports, 30 in twitter messages; 159 of NGOs financed by the United States, 116 based only on opinions of the CIDH, 220 without any data and 164 of unacceptable usurpation of the authorship of the action.

It is not a strange coincidence that the OAS sets a date for an audience against Venezuela in Washington on April 4 and as declared by Ambassador Bernardo Álvarez, he is denied a visa from the Agency of the Defense of Human Rights before the International Organization to defend his country.

General Secretary of the OAS Luis Almagro appears April 27 and based on the Democratic Charter of that organization criticizes Venezuela: the same used by Ambassador Shapiro against Chavez on April 11 of 2002. Nothing could be more democratic than accusing it and preventing its defense.

With these kinds of resources the Penal Court of the Hague ordered the arrest of Kadafi that culminated in the destruction of Libya.

Venezuela cannot be submitted to an organization that denies the right of a defense.

Venezuela can and should exert its defense in the spheres of the economy, social, territorial, political, strategic and internationally.

Venezuela Condemns US, OAS Over Calls to Invoke Democratic Charter

By Ryan Mallett-Outtrim

Venezuela’s foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez has accused the head of the Organisation of American States of collaborating with the United States to undermine the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Rodriguez said Thursday talks at the OAS over whether to suspend Venezuela from the regional body were part of a campaign of “ongoing and relentless aggression by the United States against Venezuela”.

“Venezuela is constantly being threatened by opposition forces working with centres of imperialism that support … the destabilisation of our countries,” she said.

Rodriguez issued the remarks during an extraordinary session of the OAS. The session was called by the Venezuelan government in response to separate talks between right-wing Venezuelan politicians and OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro. During a meeting last week, a delegation of Venezuelan legislators urged Almagro to call for the OAS Democratic Charter to be invoked against Maduro’s government. Such a move would lead to a suspension of Venezuela from the regional body.

While the US government has backed calls for the OAS to consider action against Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua have expressed support for Caracas.

Bolivia’s OAS representative Diego Pary said Maduro is facing a new wave of international aggression, and his Nicaraguan counterpart Denis Moncada suggested the OAS was at risk of overstepping its role.

“We see no moral standing for intervention in any states,” he said.

Rodriguez argued Venezuela’s government has long upheld the Democratic Charter. The charter has been invoked against Venezuela once, during a short lived coup in 2002 that temporarily ousted Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez.

Rodriguez said the coup and subsequent waves of political violence in 2013 and 2014 were examples of the Venezuelan right-wing’s disregard for democracy.

The Maduro administration has long accused key figures within Venezuela’s right-wing political coalition, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) of backing the coup.

Earlier Thursday, Maduro’s supporters in the National Assembly demanded prosecutors charge four MUD legislators with treason. The four legislators were all involved in petitioning Almagro last week to consider invoking the OAS charter against Venezuela.

By holding talks with Almagro, the legislators “attacked (Venezuela’s) independence, sovereignty and security,” said pro-Maduro legislator Carmen Melendez

In Venezuela, treason carries a penalty of up to 30 years imprisonment.