FARC-EP: Brazil and the Antidemocratic Wave in Our America

Cabezote 2016 English
Havana, April 19, 2016

The approval by Brazil House of Representatives of the request for trial of President Dilma Rousseff, bursts as a dangerous threat to the political stability of the continent, within the antidemocratic wave in Our America.

Following an imperial agenda, as in Honduras in 2009 or Paraguay in 2012, today in Brasilia and Caracas local elites seek to apply the formula of “parliamentary coup” which we, the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP, have no doubt in rejecting.

The technicality leading to the request of trial against President Rousseff, qualifies as a fiscal offense a procedure of budgetary reallocations commonly used by Brazilian federal and state governments. But in reality it is only the excuse for a genuine “soft coup” against the government headed by the Workers Party, PT. The opposition parliamentary majority voted to overthrow a legitimately elected government, showing its political and ideological prejudices, not to mention the facts that have been used as a pretext to get Rousseff from office.

The real causes are in the geopolitical maneuvers of the international right, to weaken the BRICS group and help the anti-progressive offensive in Our America. It is big capital in a global crisis – the same powerful empires of Brazilian are part -, which in its eagerness and aggressiveness wants to unleash its appetite for profit, removing any obstacle to political progressivism, international sovereignty and redistribution income in the largest economy in Latin America, counting for this on the single voice of mainstream media in a permanent disinformation campaign against anyone who differs from their interests.

Brazil is the cornerstone of a new global correlation of forces, as well as of the current international architecture gestated in the current integration process in Latin America, with UNASUR, CELAC, Mercosur and other major projects in the making. Brazilian government’s commitment to seeking a political solution of the Colombian conflict, which has led it to be one of the guarantor countries in the negotiation table with the ELN. Undermine the democratic structure of Latin American colossus, is a global destabilization action and an attack on the emancipation of our America and against the peace of Colombia.

The intrigues of parliamentarians and businessmen of the right who benefit from the honey of corruption and maneuvers of the United States to destabilize democracies, can not outweigh the majority decision of the Brazilian people recorded at the polls in 2014 with 54.5 million of votes. We hope that the Brazilian Senate will act in accordance with the rules and not become a political inquisition, thus meeting the requests of social movements which today took to the streets. Those who yearn to roll back the wheel of history and  bring our America back to a stage of deepening of the failed neoliberal model, will face resistance and combative mobilization of the people of Prestes, Freire and Marighella, as well as of all those brothers in the Patria Grande, who share the struggle for Latin American unity and the establishment of just governments as real alternatives to democracy and welfare of the inhabitants of our continent.