Brazil: No to the Institutional Coup!

The Executive Secretariat of the Network of Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity denounces the institutional coup attempt that is taking place in Brazil at this moment. The coup masters, led by the tandem of Temer-Cunha are plotting in total disregard of the 54 million Brazilians who voted a year and half ago to re-elect President Dilma Rousseff. 

The attempted coup in Brazil is a clear attack on the social policies that the Workers Party’s government have promoted for over fourteen years to remedy one of the most unequal countries in the world. The implementation of programs such as “Bolsa Familia,” and “Mi Casa, Mi Vida”, by the governments of Lula and Dilma improved and dignified the lives of millions of low-income Brazilians. The coup in progress is also an attack on Latin American integration (Mercosur-Unasur-CELAC) and the efforts of the governments of Dilma, and Lula to advance towards the construction of a multi-polar world, through BRICS.

The recent revelation by Reuters news agency that Paulo Leme, Chairman of Goldman Sachs in Brazil, would head the new economy if the overthrow of Dilma became a reality, shows the external pressure coming from abroad.

On a larger scale the coup’s aim is to weaken the impulse of other countries that are contributing to the setting of a new international order that is at the detriment of the supremacy of the United States and European Union. For all these reasons and in direct relation to the conclusions of our Xll international meeting of the Network in Defense of Humanity, held just days ago in the City of Caracas, Venezuela, the Network reaffirms its commitment to respect the popular vote and the constitutional order. We also reiterate our solidarity with the Workers Party (PT), the Confederation of Workers (CUT) the Landless Worker’s Movement (MST), the great Brazilian social movements, and the historical leadership of Lula da Silva, and Dilma Rousseff.

The coup leaders will not break through, neither in Brazil nor in Latin America!