Joining Forces to Confront Neoliberalism

Cuban writer Abel Prieto calls for unity during Defense of Humanity Network meeting in Venezuela, April 8-14

April 11, 2016

CARACAS.—“There is an conservative restoration offensive to turn back the progressive processes which have changed the face of this continent,” said Cuban writer Abel Prieto, during the XII International Conference of the Defense of Humanity Network of Intellectuals, which began April 8 in Venezuela and will continue through the 14th, with a focus on “New times, new challenges.”

Prieto, president of the organization, stated that it is imperative that intellectuals, activists and artists come together to put an end to the “media wall” which serves neoliberalism, emphasizing, “Latin America and the Caribbean stopped being the United States’ backyard, and there is an offensive underway to return this deplorable, subordinate condition, [but] there are many honorable, people, many groups, currents, tendencies that are against this, many good young people … in this meeting,” Telesur reported.