Network in Defense of Humanity Opposing the Coup d’état in Brazil

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and social movements In Defense of Humanity denounces in this crucial moment the serious attempted coup against President Dilma Rousseff and expresses solidarity with the working and honest people of Brazil.
“No vai ter golpe”, is the intense demand rising in Brazil in defense of the government of Dilma, of democracy and constitutional order. Political analysts agree than an impeachment without a legal basis can be considered a coup d’etat. There is no legal basis because there is no proof to incriminate the president.

We are with all who protest in the streets, the countryside, the plazas, unions cultural and academic centers to prevent the coup and in defense of the government that was elected by 54 million Brazilians.

We express sympathize with the Council of the National Federation of Journalists of Brazil that called on all the Brazilians to resist and fight for democracy and freedom; with the declaration of the Brazilian union of Writers and those honest and democratic jurists of that country against arbitrary and absence of justice of justices who have sold out to O Globo, accomplices of the military dictatorship dedicated to the media lynching of the governments of the PT and social battles such as the heroic Movimiento de los Trabajadores sin Tierra (Movement of Landless Workers, MST).

We do it when they have denounced that there is a coup conspiracy designed from abroad to separate the most populous and geographically extended Latin American and Caribbean nation from its destiny in the world and especially in Our America.

The attempted coup took hold when it became certain that Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, the best in the history of Brazil, would be a candidate in the forthcoming elections of 2018. The fear that the people backing Lula and, with him, a renovated mandate of the PT in alliance with other political forces, scared the ultra right wing sectors in Brazil and the world who do not want a Brazil inclusive with the large majority and sovereign peoples, aligned in multi polarity and not the imperial unipolarity.

Everything that happens in Brazil – let us not forget – occurs in the context of an attack by imperialism and the national oligarchies allied in this region to the so called soft coups, soft or white.

Dilma declared to the press: “We have had military coups in Brazil. In a democratic system the blows change the method. And an impeachment without a legal basis is a coup”.

Challenging the critics of his decision former President Lula will join the team as a minister or advisor and no one can prevent it. And in face of the current crisis she called for an opening of a dialogue without democratic ruptures.

Dilma and the Brazilian people defend the noblest interests of their Homeland and the principles that are pillars of the Republic; they confront the future with dignity and bravery: they know that their duty is to fight. Ours: to be with them unconditionally supporting their determination that they will not accept a Coup.

Executive Secretariat of the Network in Defense of Humanity