Chávez and His Legacy Will Always Be a Reference for the FARC-EP

Today we commemorate the third anniversary of the departure of Comandante and Eternal President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, historical figure of universal stature, whose painful absence is mourned by all the peoples of the world.

José Martí said that Bolivar had still much to do in America, but it took more than a century since the death of the prophet for the people of Venezuela to rise up, after hearing his oath again by mouth of the “brave Llanero” Hugo Chávez, decided to follow a new liberating campaign that would shake every corner of the continent.

Chávez, after trying to take heaven by assault that 4 February 92, inspired by the rebellion of Venezuela against the impositions of transnational capital, would become over the years the only President of the Republic ratified by almost two dozens of elections. And the undisputed leader of the just cause of the people for justice, freedom and democracy against neoliberalism, discrimination and imperialist violence.

His human and political presence was accompanied by hope, just when after the collapse of the European socialist model, the siren songs invited to surrender all struggles for a better world. Our America, thanks to him, started to play an important role again in the march for sovereignty and dignity, in an irrepressible flourishing, integrating our historic roots with the cream of economic and social thought created by humanity.

Facing the hatred of the big capital and the oligarchs, Chávez exceeded all ambushes, always appealing to the conscience of the most humble and forgotten. The immense strength of his people and his solidarity with the oppressed, made his country an example of morality and civilization dreamed by El Libertador. Three years after his death, the all-powerful enemies of the people furiously pounce on his work and paradigm, trying to destroy them at whatever cost.

Shameless plans and sinister maneuvers, including the fact of considering Venezuela a threat to the national security of the United States, are added to the reactionary campaign of the global and continental extreme right, which aims to defeat the Bolivarian project with economic war and institutional destabilization. Follower of Bolívar and Chávez, Nicolas Maduro’s government defends itself with a courage worthy of all solidarity and support. Venezuela is not alone.

The FARC-EP integrates Hugo Chávez and his historical legacy into its most important references. The strategic talent of President Chávez was proved with the enormous efforts he made to reach a political solution to the long internal confrontation in Colombia. If because of his work, peace in our country is tied to peace on the continent, it behooves us to say with modesty that only peace on the whole continent can make peace possible in Colombia.

To Hugo Chávez, Nicolas Maduro and the people of Venezuela, we feel the most fraternal gratitude for the generosity and willingness demonstrated many times, despite their selfless discretion, to make possible the peace talks in Havana with the government of Colombia. We are convinced that Bolívar’s children are not only in Venezuela, but also in Colombia, in Our America and throughout the world.

Secretariat of the Central High Command of the FARC-EP
March 5, 2016.