FARC-EP : Mobilization, not Demobilization.

By Julián Subverso (member of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP)

Watching a kind of report published recently by British newspaper The Guardian on its website, I felt the need to clarify certain issues which not only generate confusion, but also seem to reaffirm unfounded stigmatization on the largest and oldest guerrilla organization in America.

While the report shows FARC-EP´s southern block guerrilla fighters naturally, simple and honestly answering questions about the possible peace agreement between the insurgency and the Colombian government, certain statements made by reporters seem not to take into account the fighters replies, and publicize the video under sentences like “…the final days of their dying revolution. ” or “… deeply reluctant to give up their guns”, blurring the true meaning of what has been the FARC-EP during these 50 years, and their intention to take the fight to an strictly political level to achieve changes that Colombia urgently needs.
https://i1.wp.com/c0364889.cdn2.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/FARC-GUERRILLEROS.jpgWords can become a very dangerous weapon depending on how they are used, and in this case, certain words or incomplete data about particular events may create bias in the minds of those who read or watch these kinds of publications, where data of the disastrous results of war are roughly presented forgetting that the main perpetrator, guilty of this conflict is the Colombian state, puppet of oligarchic and imperial interests, which along with their paramilitary and economic model, largely responsible for social problems, has led to the armed conflict.

The report also suggest that most Colombians think that the FARC have “lost their way”. These last words “lost their way” are clearly disproved by the facts, since partial agreements in the Solution to the Problem of Illicit Drugs, Comprehensive Agrarian Reform or the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, among other important progresses made so far, would contradict the desire for personal enrichment proper of a so-called “drug gang”. Concept that, by the way, has been instilled by the media power sold to capital.

Without further ado, we think it is necessary in our revolutionary role, to educate, break media fences and legitimize the sacred right of rebellion against a repressive and unjust regime, clarifying certain errors and mistakes that can keep generating and strengthening -whether by ignorance or deliberately by such an important and read newspaper-, the system of disinformation imposed by dominant world power block.
https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5048/5294841615_bf3bec1642_b.jpgAfter more than 50 years of FARC-EP´s social and armed resistance, where many of its members have grown, matured and grown old through its ranks, giving their whole lives to build a new Colombia, where the only world known is the one they have build together with their comrades within the discipline, difficulties, struggles, respect and camaraderie that involves the life of this revolutionary guerrilla organization. It is just natural that some members feel uncertainty or fear to change the whole world they know for other scenario which was always denied for them.

Marulanda para principiantes Abnormal would be to not feel fear of such changes, even more in the context and history of the Colombian Government, where, as the comrade in the video explains, “we are dealing with a country where one can get assassinated for thinking differently”. It’s natural to feel a bit of fear and uncertainty facing the prospect of changing the world of guerrilla life where, however hard it may be, respect, solidarity, the principles, equality relations of men and women and fraternity are the Standard for other where these premises of life inside the FARC-EP are totally absent.

However, this natural fear in the land of “El Baile rojo”, the murder of Guadalupe Salcedo and Charro Negro, Jaime Garzon´s murderers, false positives, torture of political and war prisoners, paramilitary culture, the para-politics and the bloody bipartisanship, it can not be confused with an alleged aversion by the guerrillas to comply and continue to the principles of peace and political character that ever since its beginnings in the 60’s, the FARC-EP have historically raised as their flags.
Mobilization, not demobilization.
Yes!, we reaffirm that arms will not be used only at the moment in which real and concrete guarantees exist to exert open political activity and build peace in Colombia. The unity of FARC-EP has been one of its strengths, and today, as always, we are united and confident regarding the decision to take this step toward a final agreement to start to building peace for the Colombian people.

Banner agreement justice Finally, as a synthesis of what has been said and as final clarification not only on this video report but also as much as it can be said about these issues, the FARC-EP are never going to demobilize itself, instead we are on track to, as Comandante Timoleón Jiménez has said in several times, a massive mobilization. The FARC-EP will mobilize itself and it´s never going to a demobilization, because as Comandante Alfonso Cano said, demobilization is treason, inertia and surrender. The struggle will continue, now without weapons, and ideals are still and will continue alive and in force. With the final peace agreement, we will mobilize to do, open and legally what we have always done, politics to transform an unjust and oppressive system.