On Behalf of Hugo Chávez Frías : Let Us Not Let Venezuela Fall

By Stella Calloni

We have a historical opportunity. Let us prevent the destruction that has cost us on so much death, desolation, depredation for centuries.Venezuela was a beacon of solidarity these past years and now together we must prevent a great treason. No to an electoral legislative coup (like in Honduras and Paraguay). No to a right wing accomplice of the imperial project that advances on the world like a bull in a glass house destroying everything on its wake. The world has recovered its balance; we see it. We are not alone or lost. YES WE CAN.

Only three days since the installation of the NEW National Assembly the Venezuelan people must look at themselves in the mirror of Argentina that since assuming power the rightwing businessman Mauricio Macri is leading a “de facto government” and ignoring Constitutional law that calls for the Congress of the Nation, ignores it and governs by decree.

Every decree of necessity and urgency (that in not case deserve that definition because there is no need nor urgency) is a blow against the majorities, against the people, a part which voted after 12 years of dirty campaign never before seen in the dimension of lies, falsities and denounces of the mass media; the invisible criminal economic power in favor of dictatorships that hounded for eight years the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Also these media: the Clarín group, La Nación, Infobae, Perfil, Crónica TV and more with their cable channels (more than 230 the first one) of air, radios, printed media throughout the country managed most of the information; rather the misinformation against all the popular governments of the region. Now they are all present in the state media and will put a stop to the licenses for community radio and TV. They will leave us without a voice.

The psychological (media) war is a very important weapon of counterinsurgency – that are illegal forms of battle the United States uses against our governments and peoples – not only prepares coup d’états but also colonial wars that in the 21st century have resorted to multiple genocidal actions and continue to do so.

That opposition that in a coup intended in Venezuela left destruction and death and now responding to the external imperialist project of economic war delivering food, products and medicines to the external enemy, called paramilitarism or Colombian business; is acting to destroy the enormous project produced called Bolivarian Revolution that is a 180 degree turn in favor of the Venezuelan people.

Never before was a period such as this. The barrios know it, the rural areas know it, those who learned to read and write in other words learned to defend themselves. They know how to recover their rights that had never before happened in the cultural scene the largest advance in the history of this country. When we observe how one of the symbols, the children’s and young people’s orchestra has made Venezuela known in the whole world we are proud to arrive at the point of the sister nation.

When home one million was opened in this country we ask: dear Venezuelan brothers and sisters, Do you think that those who willingly set fire in Venezuela since 2002 to detain the process in favor of the people have any interest for anything to improve what has been achieved or improved it?

The letter recently written by the coup leader, Leopoldo López of which I quote one paragraph: “The deputies of the Unidad, but especially those who conform the Board Junta of the new National Assembly, have a clear mandate: rapidly install a process of deep , constitutional and democratic change. The dictatorship (that is what Leopoldo López calls the government of Venezuela) is today weakened but still alive and our people voted to change this humiliating system of oppression and that prevents finding solutions to their most needy problems. It is our obligation to continue to weaken this usurping regime and not give it rest. If Maduro and the other heads of the powers sequestered by the corrupt and undemocratic elite torpedo the change, ignoring through the events of last D6 then they will have to be removed. Since 2014 we have maintained that La Salida (the violent coup plan he directed) is a disaster that should be removed constitutionally as soon as possible. The Constitution has the mechanism to do it.

López is very clear. He calls for the weakening of the Government. He admits that he works for this and intends to convert the legislative election in a kind of “order” to overthrow the government. When the Republicans win legislative elections and are a majority in United States congress should President Obama resign? We know he will not.

When in 2009 the opposition won in the legislation the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner she spoke of the same, that would remove the president and two years later in 2011 agreed to a mandate by 54 votes in favor. Remember this.

López spoke of “change”. That was the most important promise in the Macri campaign to intervene in the Government and people of Venezuela with a message also for Cuba.

The change López calls for we are living in Argentina. The measures taken by the “government of change” of Macri placed in the cabinet the business persons and associates of foreign companies. In all cases the
most pro US in the history of Argentina, committed and dependent on Washington and there is a little part for Israel in Human Rights, the Environment and other secondary posts.

Washington installed strategic areas: Foreign Policy, Security, Anti corruption institutions, of personages such as the chancellor Susana Malcorra, Patricia Bulrich and Laura Alonso, respectively belonging to NGOs linked to US intelligence who acted against Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and especially the destruction of Latin American unity which would make difficult a project of continental re colonization proposed by the United States.

These CIA Foundations and in the Argentine case the “Vulture Funds”strongly denounced by the government of Fernández de Kirchner supported in the United Nations and victim countries of this criminal Mafia that threatens all, sending millions of dollars to share out and continues sending dollars to diverse election processes.

They are not governments that commit electoral frauds, above all the government that with reason and dignity defended the right of definitive emancipation and build a dream of a continent with free decisions, without those “new rights” not even of the oligarchy of the past. Absolutely mediocre rights, mercenary rights, salaries linked to the fundamental policy of the United States.

Macri as reported by Wikileaks cables published in Argentina, went to the embassy of the United States in 2007 to offer his willingness as the “only party created for business and the Market (his) and in 2008 had the gall to demand that the US is not doing enough to overthrow the then President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in the first coup attempt against what was the famous “countryside strike”. We must add that Macri and his team of governors belong to the Foundation Pensar, dependent on the ultra right wing Heritage of the United States. So we can add for the Venezuelan people to understand that undoubtedly a change in Argentina is a “soft coup” that cannot continues without repression and injustices against the people”.

In fact the Venezuelan people should know that persecution already is installed. We are living in a similar moment of the coup d’etat that overthrew in 1955 General Juan Domingo Perón when he led a second mandate and would have been elected by more than 60 percent of the votes.

The so called Revolución Libertadora that began with the bombing by the navy of the government house in June of that year that cost the lives of thousands of persons and no one wants to remember, even less Macri, who regretted what was popular called “la fusiladora” because it killed a group of rebel civilians and soldiers against the brutal persecution that began.

Peronism was forbidden for years. Anyone could be imprisoned for having a photograph of Perón or Evita kept in humble homes. As now, each ministry received the order to put an end to anything that was Peronism (kirchnerism). Thousands were fired and persecuted. The same is in preparation now.

The large number of decrees issued by the government and each ministry changed the history in days, favoring the sectors of most purchasing power, the banks, financial speculation, the “market”. The devaluation was removed more than 30-40 percent of salaries and there was a warning of the Treasury Department that the unions should not negotiate salaries under threat of losing their jobs. Unions call it blackmail. Announced rise of electricity, municipalities, of gas and others while the country falls in debt of millions of dollars, conditions or mortgages our future. They are not taking over Clandestine Centers of Detention and separating institutions of Human Rights. Only 20 days passed and like any military dictatorship it was done through decrees. This is the “proUSA democracy” of Macri.

The ministries have requested the files for only three years to the present and are preparing to fire thousands of people. If this is not raw political persecution what is?

They have the hegemonic mass media in their favor assuring the media impunity and a justice never democratized that saved special dignities of many judges – who are now persecuted or are now marked –in favor of the large factual powers.

Can you imagine the destruction of everything created in Venezuela to favor the large majorities in all these years? Imagine the social, political, economic and cultural destruction? The United States needs to eliminate the governments of the Bolivarian Revolution because it is sure that if Venezuela falls into its hands – the final destiny expected is a coup in that country, as in Argentina – Latin America will fall and the dream will fall. The road is clear, continental unity, the only defense, otherwise we will become colonies.

Here radio stations are being shut down, media, cultural programs and as is happening, we are only left with the street where, in December, a protest of fired workers was brutally repressed. Human Rights organizations are in danger of disappearing and the so called “judicial corporation” works actively to destroy everything in its path. This day, Monday another decree was issued closing the institutions that should work for the Law of Audiovisual Communication services, the most democratic of the laws written by universities, professionals, social institutions throughout the country and also the changes that this law is used to favor the Clarin group and media monopolies.

Also through another decree Macri dissolved the Commission of Planning and Strategic Coordination of the National Plan of investments of Hydrocarbons and abolished a large part of the Regulations.
Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales (YPF), as other state companies again were privatized. They are destroying the state with a program of delayed neo liberalism that will only bring destruction and death.

The “manu militari” governments prevented the entrance of workers to the Néstor Kirchner Cultural Center and prevented officials and workers of the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services (AFSCAS) entrance to its offices ignoring the laws.

Our countries and Latin American have taken giant steps towards integration, hated by Washington and the rightwing; scorned by some left wings (are they left wing?) after the governments of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) said NO to the colonizing Free Trade Area of the Americans (FTAA) in that memorable day of November 2005.

That was a few days after the historical election of Evo Morales in Bolivia, the first president of the original peoples, 500 years after the brutal colonization by the Spanish Empire that was called “conquest”.

We have lived one of the most extraordinary periods in life, still depended of our America, with governments and peoples who defied the Empire that today intends to expand worldwide, destroying everything in its path. We have lived through that together, as peoples who lived in the streets and highways of the immense anti neo liberal rebellion of the 90s and early 2000 when the United States began its project of world expansion that would subordinate Europe taking it to where it is today; a series of “free” associate States and therefore deeply dependent.

After the genocide committed by US invasions, coup d’etat, plunder since the 19th century, for the first time we had our own voice and decisions in many subjects.

Hugo Chávez Frías would become the great leader of integration and solidarity with the example of the heroic Cuba that had just completed 57 years of existence and resistance of a Revolution in a small and morally immense country, under siege for more than half a century.

A true change was achieved by these governments. The peoples of America who have overcome so many obstacles and difficulties support these government born in the heat of a popular struggle cannot forget
their won rights. The errors modified in a just manner, not giving the country over to another period of domination and plunder.

Do not allow miserable people like Leopotdo López, who continues to call for the overthrow of President Nicolás Maduro, to move towards the “US dream” because if Venezuela falls everything falls. In all this time the United States was preparing a silent invasion, planting Foundations and Non Government Organizations in our territory (also military bases and espionage). And if Evo Morales could get them out legally due to the constant interference of the Bolivian people why do we delay doing it?

We have a historical opportunity. Let us not allow destruction of what costs so many deaths, desolation, depredation to build for centuries. Venezuela was a beacon of solidarity these years and now together we must prevent the great betrayal. No to electoral and legislativa coups (like in Honduras and Paraguay). No to an accomplice right wing of an imperial Project that advances on the world like an elephant in a glass house, destroying everything at its wake. The world has recovered its balance. We are seeing it. We are not alone, nor lost. YES WE CAN.

The street will soon assume the unexpected (for them) protagonism, demonstrating the efficient practice of a counter power nourished by the historical memory of a people and their dreams of emancipation that Chávez knew how to instill in the Venezuelans and like live coals living under the deceitful ashes of the moment, with a simple breeze will let it be reborn with force. And this breeze can originate the temptation of the right wing in what Marx called “parliamentary cretinism”: thinking that a legislative majority equals a social majority and that a momentary electoral supremacy can authorize establishing a parliamentary dictatorship. For one of these traps of historical dialectics or Hegelian shrewdness of reason, probably this misstep was necessary for Chávez to re kindle with force the noble land of Venezuela.