World Politics 4 Years After Gaddafi, 2 Years After Chavez with Gerald A. Perreira

GAP-2-300x247International journalist, freedom fighter, and Block Report correspondent Gerald Perriera speaks on world politics 4 years after the assassination of Gaddafi and 2 years after Chavez. We cover: Libya, Eritrea, the Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Somalia, Venezuela, FMLN, the Sandinistas, Mali, Niger, France, the U.S., and more. Tune in for more at

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Gerald A. Perreira is a founding member of the Guyanese organizations Joint Initiative for Human Advancement and Dignity and Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG) and International Secretary for the ARM (African Revolutionary Movement). He lived in Libya for many years, served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defense of the Al Fateh revolution, and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Tripoli. Currently, he is the leader of Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP), an organization committed to building revolutionary democracy in Guyana.