Emmanuel Dred Wilmè : Haiti Defines Resistance

It’s time to marginalize the do-gooders and replace the system

By Ezili Dantò

July 6, 2011 marks the sixth anniversary of the UN assassination of Emmanuel Dred Wilmè in Haiti, a Haitian freedom fighter that HLLN stood fairly alone in defending and urging not be assassinated by blan kolon/imperialist and their Haitian collaborators/subcontractors. He lasted seventeenth month after Bush’s 2004 bicentennial coup d’etat in Haiti, as the most intensely hunted Black man on the planet. Yet, he never attacked anyone, never left his own home in Site Soley, Haiti or was a threat to US Security or any nation’s security.

His crime: he would not join in betraying the Haitian masses like the others, like Labanyè whom Apaid/Boulos/Baker, US-subcontractors, bought and armed to wreak havoc on the people of Site Soley and to murder men like Dred Wilmè because of their stand against IMF/WB neoliberal economics, debt, dependency and for their support for inclusion, Lavalas and return of President Aristide. (Site Soley after the death of Labanyè. All 34 sectors are united and want peace.)

His murderers went to him, attacked him in his home, killed his children and held that, as a Black man, who was NOT a member of the CIA’s FRAPH death squads in Haiti; as a Black man who was not Louis Jodel Chamblain, or a DEA-suspected drug dealer like Guy Phillip or part of the thugs and thieves of the Latortue Regime’s Coup d’etat cabal and the bloody Lame Timanchet, he must die.

On July 6, 2005 at 3:00 am in the morning, 1,000 UN soldiers surrounded Site Soley, 440 UN soldiers entered this shack-filled space of sleeping Haitian civilians, fired a total of 22,000 bullets and when it was over, Dred Wilmè, his children, his family and about 60 others from Site Soley, mostly unarmed, sleeping civilians were dead.

When Ezili’s HLLN sounded the alarm on these UN killings, reported on this, US Ambassador James Foley sent a cable to Washington, on July 26, entitled “Human Rights Groups Dispute Civilian Casualty Numbers from July 6 MINUSTAH Raid.” In this cable, Foley accused Ezili Dantò (colonially named Marguerite Laurent, Esq.) of the Haitian Lawyer’s Leadership Network of taking “the lead on spreading massacre rumors on the internet…[she] cited conclusions of a San Francisco-based labor and human rights delegation which claimed video evidence of the massacre.”

Contrary from what we later learned of the UN operations, our HLLN report in fact understated the amount of firepower that went into the hunt for one lone Haitian man. (See details at: The Cite Soleil Massacre Declassification Project).

14,000 to 20,000 Haitians were summarily slaughtered from 2004 to 2006 in order for the UN today to appoint UN Envoy Bill Clinton and Paul Farmer (UN Deputy Envoy to Haiti ) as its faces for “change in Haiti.” In 1995, Bill Clinton sent 20,000 troops into Haiti, not to return the people of Haiti to power in Haiti, but to re-image the morally repugnant economic elites/the Duvalierists into “Civil Society;” not to disarm the Raoul Cedras’ bloody army or the FRAPH death squads. No.

Haitians like Dred Wilmè, like most of Haiti’s 10-million Black majority, these issues of the Black women, mothers of all the races, have no safe refuge, no access to justice, fair play, life, human rights or freedom.

Jacob Desir died from a UN bullet on June 18, 2009 in cold blood just as a UN bullet snuffed out the life of Dred Wilmè. Even in Haiti, in Desalin land for the free, no refuge.

Dred Wilmè sacrificed his own life to help end the neoliberal globalization that privatize all using the state powers of the post-WWII victors sitting at the UN Security Council.

Dred Wilmè believed that the people in Haiti were entitled to life, health care, education, security from bodily injury, adequate shelter, clean water, non-toxic food and access to a way to the means to share in the opportunities to raise their standard of living like all rational human beings.

He raised his voice. He sanely took up arms in self-defense to defend Haiti’s right to life. He refused to leave the people of Site Soley to face the wrath of empire alone. Dred Wilmè life is worth acknowledging this day. (The Crucifixion of Emmanuel “Dred” Wilmè by U.N. Troops: A historical perspective ; Emmanuel Dread Wilme, Haiti’s warrior assassinated by UN/US occupiers on July 6, 2005 ; July 6 – HLLN Links to honor of Dred Wilmè and all the UN victims in Site Soley.)

Like the Ancestors, like so many in Haiti before him, he gave his life so that his community would survive. Dred Wilmè sacrificed individual gain, job, family security, power and prestige so that all Haitians would be treated like human beings by the white settlers in power now in Haiti.

Haiti needs more Dred Wilmès. The world needs more Dred Wilmès.

For, it is our contention at Ezili’s HLLN that any progressive who works for the death-plan people, like USAID, UN, WB, IMF or their pharmaceutical cabals, their agri-business cabals or their corporate transnational behemoths privatizing personal gain and profit behind state power, are neither progressives, nor serious about making this planet more habitable for the human race.

The Ezili Network is a dissenting voice. Give us a 100 right-wing Republicans to face any day. Keep the namby pamby Democrats or progressive left selling their constituents out in the name of some mythical, so-called bipartisanship. They are the worst and most dangerous enablers of neoliberal globalization masturbating on the poor’s imposed pain and suffering.

There’s nothing more dangerous, more reprehensible, more hypocritical than NAFTA-Clinton, Rwanda-Clinton, a StraussKhan-like socialist or World Bank/USAID/pharmaceutical-Paul Farmer making convenient alliances ultimately serving up neoliberal NGO benevolence as instrument of world peace, economic justice or universal healing and fairplay! At least the righ-wingers admit what they do without apology. They believe in genocide, depopulating and sterilization (through GMO, vaccines, food/air/water poisoning) for the greater good and tell you so.

All paradigm changers must gather together and marginalize these so-called do-gooders and progressive fakes prolonging the world’s suffering before we can take down the profit-over-people system they sustain and that’s destroying the earth, all life and maiming our soul. It’s time to marginalize the do-gooders and replace the profit-over-people system and all its evil forces with better values.

Some things should be left to a reformed global market place and we don’t have any problem with wealth based on talent and ruthlessly fair competition. But there are things, which sustain life that ought to be community priorities not subject to trade or profit or cost effectiveness. That which sustains life itself and which one cannot live without are plainly and irrevocably human rights. Every human on earth ought to have reasonable access to clean water, non-toxic food, universal healthcare, authentic education, adequate shelter, bodily security (community police/firemen – ought not to subject to bodily harm and violation.) Anything that does not fit into these life-giving parameters may be subject to fair trade and limitless private profit. Any economic, political or cultural system that doesn’t take care of providing all its citizens with life’s minimum basics like clean water, non-toxic food, universal healthcare, authentic education, adequate shelter, community police/firemen is USELESS and need to be re-thought.

On this July 6th day, in remembrance of Dred Wilmè and all in this world who sacrificed to stop the neoliberal globalization death plan, we encourage your voice, your dissent. Haitians in UN occupied Haiti, Haitians in NGO-occupied Haiti like Haitian women and men at immigration detention centers all over the US need your voice, your advocacy and dissent. Today, the poor and majority in Haiti, are facing the same guns and bullets that with extreme depraved indifference, for no reason, slaughtered the mourner Jacob Desir, as he paid his last respect at the funeral of Father Gerard Jean Juste. In the six years since the UN assassination of Dred Wilmè, there’s been no investigation, no indictments. There won’t be any either, for their 2009 killing of Jacob Desir at Father Jean Juste’s funeral.

There’s no one but our own inner source for us Haitians to appeal to in the death of Dred Wilmè, the disappearance of Lovinksy Pierre Antoine, the UN slaughter of Jacob Desir, the UN-imported cholera, nor the 14,000 to 20,000 coup d’etat victims senselessly slaughtered. But that source is indomitable, unvanquished and eternal. Haiti defines resistance. Ginen poze.

And though we must struggle, we struggle from within in inviolable place. We reach for Desalin’s Black to keep from bursting into flames.

I hear the Clintons (working under either the UN “progressive” mask or the Obama Administration’s “progressive” mask) are today walking on the graves of Dred Wilmè and the nearly 20,000 Haitians slaughtered, especially in Site Soley. They’re blithely walking on the grave that Haiti has become for Desalin’s children.

I hear Bill Clinton is almost finished with opening Haiti to complete neoliberal privatization. Nearly 20,000 Haitians, including Dred Wilmè, were slaughtered in the Bush 2004 Haiti regime change, so that in 2011, Mrs. Hillary Clinton could put on hold, the US co-opting of the important Egyptian dissent, fly down to Haiti to fulfill her husband’s 1994 trajectory, bringing back neoliberal globalization for monopoly capitalism while making certain that the Duvaliers were firmly placed back into power with Michel Martelly.

Haiti pays this unendurable price. Dred Wilmè paid with his life to move us towards a more habitable planet.

Today, we re-MEMBER. The life, the struggle, the spirit of Emmanuel Dred Wilmè lives on even as, on this realm, the vultures continue to feed off our pain and blood.

Clinton, Farmer, Ban Ki Moon, Obama, UN and most of the NGOs are “open for business on top of our decomposed dead bodies, on top of our crushed bones, on top of our intense grief. Open for business on top of our ground water contaminated by their diseased feces. They’ve made so much money. 16-months later they still haven’t stop counting collected donation profits, anticipating more huge returns. Panting, salivating for more Haiti crisis, more cholera outbreaks, more back-to-back hurricanes, more calculated or imposed Haiti instability, more such business opportunities. They’ve even calculated how much they’ll make pushing our decomposed dead bodies around to sell the grieving, Clorox hungry, walking dead Haitians – still living under hurricane-soaked tarps – more of their aquatabs, antibiotics, foreign vitamins, bottled water, nitrate-laced fertilizers and Monsanto hybrid seeds. Open for business building an oasis on top of an open grave, investing in remains. Happiness rings loud laughter at the World Bank, totally orgasmic at the IMF. Rwanda-Clinton says Haiti is open for business, now. They’re feeding, masturbating on the wretched workers’ pain. Open for business because we’re drinking their feces. But they don’t see.” – Ezili Dantò, May, 2011 (I pay this price for you .)