Black Consciousness and Black Power

Editorial Comment:

The following is an excerpt of a statement from the Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG), Chaired by Gerald A. Perreira, titled,  ‘What we Believe‘.

Black Consciousness embraces racial identity, but also extends beyond it,  to a deep acknowledgement and affirmation of our quintessential unity, our shared African origins and ancestral inheritance that is ours to reclaim. It is a state of knowing and being that transforms us and ultimately, our world, in profound and revolutionary ways. – A.V.

Queen Mother Moore
Queen Mother Moore: A Life of Struggle

“We believe that Black Power is about Black people being in a position to free themselves from their current state of economic, political, spiritual and intellectual incarceration,
so that we are able to shape our own destiny from a position of strength.

Black Power is not simply a matter of putting Black faces in high places. Black visibility in a neo-colonial arrangement is not Black Power. We have surely had enough of that to know that it is meaningless.

And what do we mean by Black?

Obviously it refers to people of African descent, and other dark skin peoples. However, it does not stop there. Someone could be the darkest black in color and completely lack Black consciousness. It is not about skin color alone. That is why Kwame Ture could have called Fidel Castro ‘the Blackest man in South America and the Caribbean’, and why Muammar Qaddafi can be said to have led a Black Consciousness Movement, and will go down in history as a leading figure in the Movement for African Unity and Liberation.

Black Power is a mindset, a paradigm – Black Power is an attitude.

Black Power is about the conscious decision of any human being to acknowledge that Africans are their ancestors and indeed the ancestors of all humanity; to acknowledge that the ideology of White Supremacy is in the business of destroying not only Africans, but all humanity, and to consciously work toward the dismantling of White Supremacy in all its manifestations.

Black Power is not about replacing one type of supremacy with another.

It is about the ushering in of a new mindset/paradigm based on ancient, indigenous wisdom and values – an African-centered ideology that affirms the right of every human person, regardless of race, color or creed, to live in justice and dignity, while also respecting the living earth and all of God’s creation.”

Gerald A. Perreira is a founding member of the Guyanese organizations Joint Initiative for Human Advancement and Dignity and Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG)  [Contact:] and International Secretary for the African Revolutionary Movement (ARM). He lived in Libya for many years, served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defense of the Al Fateh revolution and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Tripoli.