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Ukraine: NATO’s Eastern Prize

By Wayne Madsen

Ever since the democracy manipulation efforts of international hedge fund brigand George Soros were joined with the artificial street revolution tactics of CIA tactician Gene Sharp to form the core strategy of the U.S. neo-conservative goal of imposing a «New American Century» on the entire world, Ukraine has served as the prize of America’s interventionist foreign policy. And the neocons are still alive and active as ever inside Secretary of State John Kerry’s State Department.

In the wake of what has been called the «Orange Revolution II» in Ukraine, Kerry’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, who previously served as Hillary Clinton’s State Department mouthpiece, threatened sanctions against Ukraine’s government led by President Viktor Yanukovych. Gazing over protesters in central Kyiv from his hotel window, Arizona’s fanatical Republican Senator John McCain was licking his chops over the prospect of an anti-Russian Ukraine coming into being. McCain is a Cold War throwback and someone who remains mentally-unbalanced between flashbacks from a prisoner of war cell in Hanoi and to present-day reality.

Ukraine, which resisted efforts by the European Union to integrate it into Europe’s banker-led federation of austerity and poverty, came into the EU’s cross hairs after it abandoned an «Association Agreement» pact with the EU.  Instead, Kyiv opted for a more lucrative economic union with Russia. That move triggered off a mass street uprising in Kyiv’s Maidan (Independence) Square that demanded the resignation of Ukraine’s democratically-elected President and government.

The connections between the Kyiv uprising and the EU outside manipulators are so apparent, the Kyiv square that has become the «Tahrir Square» of Ukraine is called «Euromaidan.» The initial Tahrir Square uprising in Cairo, which overthrew Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, was partly manipulated by Soros-financed and Sharp-influenced street demonstrators who took their cues from professional political agitators hastily flown into Egypt from the United States and Europe.

The latest professionally-agitated spectacle in Kyiv’s was spearheaded by the same Soros/Sharp/National Endowment for Democracy/CIA hydra that saw the overthrow of Ukraine’s government in 2004 in the so-called Orange Revolution. This time, not only is Ukrainian President Yanukovych, but ultimately Russian President Vladimir Putin, are the targets…

Nuland, who is married to the bloody-handed neocon archangel Robert Kagan, handed out snacks to protesters on Maidan Square. Imagine the reaction of the United States had a second-tier official of either the Russian or Chinese foreign ministry handed out food to Occupy Wall Street protesters in Washington and urged them to overthrow, by force if necessary, President Obama. Yet, that is exactly the scenario Nuland engaged in by supporting protesters in Maidan. Furthermore, she reprimanded Yanokovych for the heavy security presence in Maidan. Nuland and Kerry, who also upbraided Yanukovych, forgot the acts of police brutality committed by U.S. cops against occupy protesters, as well as a plan by the FBI to use snipers to assassinate the leaders of the group.

And Nuland and Kerry were very quiet when the Turkish government set loose riot police on peaceful protesters in Taksim Square in Istanbul earlier this year. After all, Turkey is a member of NATO and Ukraine, for the time being, is not.

For Gene Sharp and his two NGO «babies,» OTPOR and the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), vanguard organizations for organizing «rent-a-riot» anti-government protests around the globe, only nations resistant to the «New World Order» designs of Wall Street and the Pentagon are fair game for receiving cash, pamphlets, i-Pads and i-Phones, snacks, «themed revolution» placards and banners, restored national flags from times past, and other propaganda support. Recently, it was discovered, through leaked emails, that CANVAS founder Srdja Popovic was collaborating with the CIA- and Pentagon-linked intelligence firm STRATFOR, founded by George Friedman, whose ties to the U.S. and Israeli military-intelligence establishments are well known.

The «Orange Revolution II» in Kyiv has also received favorable press in central and eastern Europe and other parts of the world thanks to the auspices of various Soros press entities, including the Center for Advanced Media in Prague, a contrivance of the Media Development Loan Fund, a project of Soros’ Open Society Institute.

And as with all fake «themed» revolutions, an «embattled martyr» is needed to rally the «rent-a-mob» to action. For the Ukrainian demonstrator, the «Maiden of Maidan» is Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Prime Minister who was imprisoned for corruption. Tymoshenko, who is now held at a clinic in Kharkiv, has become the «Aung San Suu Kyi» of Ukraine. But for many Ukrainians, the former Prime Minister is a shameless attention seeker whose trademark braided hair coif is derided by many Ukrainians as a «bagel» on top of her head.

For Orange Revolution II, the new «heroes» are ex-boxer and UDAR opposition leader Vitali Klitschko and far-right nationalist Oleh Tyahnybok. Their playbooks are written in Soros boiler shops in Prague, London, Washington, and New York and not in Kyiv.

Too many eastern and central European political activists have been «taken in» by the phony «democracy movements» funded by Soros. Needless to say, Soros is not someone who should be a spokesperson, let alone a funder, of what is supposed to be pro-democracy and pro-labor causes. Soros began his sordid career in hedge funds (a combination of a betting parlor and a Ponzi scheme contrivance) in the late 1960s under Georges Coulon Karlweis, the vice chairman of Banque Privée Edmond Rothschild in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the late 1960s, Karlweis provided Rothschild funds to Soros’s Quota and Quantum hedge funds. Karlweis was the grand master of global financial chicanery and shysterism, having been linked to schemes of Bernard Cornfeld’s International Overseas Services (IOS), the firm that Robert Vesco looted before he went into fugitive status. Karlweis also had his fingerprints on the antics of Michael Milken, Drexel Burnham Lambert’s junk bond racketeer.

Soros has set himself up as a deep-pocketed prophet for liberal causes, yet he has diminished true progressives by spreading his ill-gotten profits through various front organizations. Soros’s Open Society Institute has supported various pro-democracy front organizations but these groups serve the interests of shadowy global financial corporations, like the Blackstone Group.

Blackstone’s former director was Lord Jacob Rothschild, Soros’ old pal and financial colleague. Soros, through his bought-and-paid-for «progressive» media entities has managed to stifle any news that casts light on his own anti-democratic and anti-progressive activities in Europe and around the world.

In the first round of themed revolutions sponsored by Soros and his U.S. government collaborators and adhering to the Gene Sharp playbook, New World Order template governments were installed in Ukraine and Georgia. Headed by Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Tymoshenko in Ukraine and Mikheil Saakashvili in Georgia, the pro-NATO and EU governments, installed amid a flurry of «pro-democracy» fanfare, soon descended into corrupt and nepotistic regimes. Tymoshenko and Saakashvili soon were associated with the mafia and corrupt business moguls. Tymoshenko’s one-time business partner, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, began serving a prison term in California for money laundering, corruption, and fraud. Meanwhile, Saakashvili became entangled with the mysterious «Golden Fleece» charity in Cyprus.

The neo-cons never recovered from the end of the Yushchenko-Tymoshenko regime because Soros and the themed revolution agitators had invested so much in the inserted government in anticipation of its NATO and EU membership. Yushchenko’s wife, Kateryna Chumachenko Yushchenko, served in the Ronald Reagan White House. Chumachenko also worked in the White House Public Liaison Office where she conducted outreach to various right-wing and anti-communist exile groups in the United States, including the other bastion of the neo-cons, the Heritage Foundation.

Now, «Responsibility to Protect» interventionists in the Obama administration are trying to turn back the calendar to 2004 and bring about another non-democratic ouster of an elected government in Ukraine.

Across Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Romania, and other countries of eastern and central Europe, the new generation of Soros agitators and provocateurs are trying to launch another series of «themed revolutions.» This time the goal is, once again, prying Ukraine away from Russia and into the EU and NATO.

Ukraine: Imagine Western Interference in Reverse… That Would Be An Impossible European Dream

By Finian Cunningham

Picture this: top aides of Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with Chinese and Iranian leaders Xi Xiping and Hassan Rouhani, are dispatched from their respective countries to join with anti-austerity protesters in New York, London, Paris or Brussels. These foreign dignitaries then go on to make public statements endorsing the violent occupation of government buildings on Washington’s Capitol Hill and the other Western capitals.

The Russian, Chinese and Iranian officials also lend their support to demands of more radical voices within the protesters calling for the overthrow of the incumbent governments, and these same officials say nothing, therefore condone it, when statues of revered statesmen such as Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill are toppled and smashed to pieces with sledgehammers.

Such a picture could only be a figment of the imagination because in the real world any such foreign involvement in the internal affairs of Western states would spark a diplomatic and media explosion of condemnation. International laws and treaties would be immediately and resoundingly invoked; subversion would be declared and vilified; and even acts of war would be demanded in retribution for such «outrageous foreign-backed sedition».

And all the while, we can be sure, the Western media would amplify without question the grievances of their governments, and cast the role of foreign politicians as unwarranted, malicious interference in national sovereignty.

Yet all these infringements – and more – are taking place in the Ukraine where there has been a procession of Western politicians, government statements and media coverage in recent weeks arrogantly presuming the abnormal to be normal and arrogating the power to lecture an elected government on how to conduct its internal sovereign affairs…

This week we saw the EU foreign affairs chief Lady Catherine Ashton and the US deputy secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, fly into the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, to insinuate themselves as arbiters between President Viktor Yanukovych’s government and the protesters encamped on the streets and in civic buildings.

These two figures are but the latest in a long line of Western officials who have taken it upon themselves to pronounce on the decision by the Kiev government at the end of last month to suspend a trade deal with the European Union.

US deputy president Joe Biden, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle, and EU chief Herman Van Romquy are but a few of the other senior Western voices who are undermining the authority of the Ukrainian government by calling on Kiev to rethink its EU decision and to accommodate the demands of protesters. The Ukrainian authorities stand accused of denying a «European dream» to these protesters, a dream which moreover is a futile fantasy given the record levels of poverty across the EU.

The government of Viktor Yanukovych was democratically elected in 2010. It faces the next national election in 2015. Until then it has the legal authority to decide on all its policies, big and small, foreign and domestic. It seems preposterous to feel obliged to spell out this sovereign reality, a reality that is underpinned by centuries of international norms and laws. But this obligation to defend a cornerstone of sovereignty is a reflection of how the tsunami of Western political and media interference towards the Ukraine has managed to warp the agenda, and succeed, to an extent, in making the abnormal appear normal. A government defends its legal authority to make a foreign policy decision and subsequently to restore order on the streets of its capital, and somehow Western hysteria makes this into a virtual crime against humanity.

It does not matter that there are large crowds in Kiev for the past three weeks opposing the government’s decision to postpone, or even at a future date to spurn, the EU pact. Protester numbers in Kiev centered on the Maidan (Independence Square) are estimated at 300,000, and so far the repeated calls by organizers, such as Vitaly Klitscho’s UDAR party or Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s Fatherland party, for «a million-man march» have not materialized. It is therefore questionable what democratic mandate these protesters have in a country of 46 million population where there have been few reported demonstrations outside of the capital. Certainly, in the industrial East of the Ukraine, support for the protesters in Kiev remains minimal.

The Ukraine government is obliged to take such dissenting views into consideration and perhaps even allow them to influence eventual decisions. But it is surely putting the cart before the horse to expect it to relinquish its elected authority and allow government decision-making to be taken over by street protesters; especially when there is solid evidence that many of these protesters are serving a foreign agenda of sowing instability and regime change.

So, what right do the pro-EU demonstrators have to cripple the capital city, and the normal administrative running of the entire country? Legally, these protests are on very thin ice, especially in light of the Ukraine parliament rejecting a Vote of No Confidence in the government on 3 December.

If the protesters have a case for European integration, then let them put it to the population at the next general election in 2015. But that reasonable, democratic alternative is not being explored. Instead, the legitimate functioning of the present government is being thwarted by illegal methods, and with the full encouragement of Western governments and media, as well as covertly through CIA-sponsored think tanks and non-governmental organizations, such the National Endowment for Democracy.

Let’s be clear: the methods of protest in Kiev would not be tolerated in Western capitals for a single minute, let alone three weeks. French riot police have fired baton rounds and tear gas to clear up to 30,000 protesting farmers off French roads in Brittany, barring them from getting anywhere near the capital. American police pepper spray peaceful sit-ins by anti-war students and shut them out of city parks. In London, laws have been enacted in recent years in order to make it illegal for any sort of encampment near Westminster, and all marches must apply for licenses otherwise they are declared illegal and forcibly halted with police truncheons and tazer-guns.

The Ukrainian authorities were legally entitled and morally right to remove protesters from Kiev’s centre this week in order to restore the normal functioning of government buildings. Why should an entire nation be held hostage by people just because this latter group indulges in a «European dream»?

For Western governments and their media to make an outcry over heavy-handed policing is ludicrous both in the distortion of the legal, sovereign situation and also from the point of view of double standards in how these same governments react to protesters in their own countries.

US secretary of state John Kerry weighed in with this asinine nonsense: «The United States expresses its disgust with the decision of Ukrainian authorities to meet the peaceful protest in Kiev’s Maidan Square with riot police, bulldozers, and batons rather than with respect for democratic rights and human dignity… As church bells ring tonight amid the smoke in the streets of Kiev, the United States stands with the people of Ukraine,» he added. «They deserve better.»

This is Kerry’s diplomatic language for fomenting sedition in the Ukraine, without him even knowing what «the people of the Ukraine» really think.

Meanwhile, the EU’s Lady Ashton said she was disturbed by police actions in Kiev, saying: «The authorities didn’t need to act under the cover of night to engage with the society by using police.»

Well, how else does pious Lady Ashton expect Ukrainian police to remove illegal and vandalizing protesters from occupying government buildings? Perhaps, she would prefer for them to be all appointed, unelected, to parliament by political patronage as she was.

The irony of Ashton lecturing to the elected Ukrainian government on matters of foreign policy and policing is that the Lady has never faced an election in her entire political life. She owes her political career to the patronage of the British Labour party under Tony Blair who made her a baroness, a life peer, in 1999. Ashton has since ascended to become an appointed top European bureaucrat whose mission this week was to undermine the elected authorities in Kiev and to pressure them to negotiate with protesters on the streets, thus elevating the latter to the status of sovereign government. How ironic is that?

There are sound economic reasons for why the government of the Ukraine took the autonomous decision it did over the EU, which unlike Moldova and Georgia opted to not join the EU trade pact. Given the parlous state of the Ukrainian economy and the long-standing cultural and industrial links with Russia, not to mention the vital issue of cheap Russian gas supply, it is a matter for much careful deliberation.

Accusations from Western governments that Moscow acted maliciously by using threats and blackmail to scuttle the prospective EU pact is a pejorative rush to judgment that: does not allow the Ukrainian government its sovereign right to make an autonomous decision on a matter of extreme strategic importance to the future development of that country; seems to recklessly dismiss the objective concerns about the impact on the Ukrainian economy from a premature association with the EU, as indicated only a few weeks by German Chancellor Angela Merkel; and, thirdly, the political reaction from the West seems intent on provoking geopolitical tensions that are out of all proportion to the subject in hand, namely closer EU association.

The strong suspicion is that the hullabaloo being whipped by Western governments, media and unelected bureaucrats like Lady Ashton is motivated by an ulterior agenda of undermining Russia and isolating it from its neighbors. The strategic importance and location of the Ukraine makes it a prime assault path on Russia for Western powers, for which the EU issue is but a pretext.

To gauge how provocative the Western interference in the affairs of the Ukraine is, the measure is simple. Just imagine the same level of interference in reverse on Brussels or Washington, and then imagine their reaction. There you are. It doesn’t bear thinking. That would be an impossible European or American dream.

US/NATO/EU and the desperate subversion of Ukraine

By John Robles

Today what we are seeing in Ukraine are the now overt manifestations of a long-running covert subversion of Ukraine by all of the instruments used by the United States, including those controlled by CIA, the State Department, the military industrial complex, banks, NGOs, corporations and US surrogates in the EU and NATO, which for simplicity we will call “US/NATO”. Since the collapse of the USSR (and some might argue since NATO’s very creation) US/NATO have been intensely consolidating their hegemony and control over Eastern Europe using each and every instrument at their disposal and pouring billions of dollars into the effort.

These efforts include cultural, economic, educational, judicial, media, military, political, religious, security, social and trade manipulations and subversions all designed to subvert the sovereignty of Ukraine and bring it under permanent and total US/NATO control. The efforts by US/NATO in manipulating Ukraine have been so wide-ranging and at times subtle that it may now be difficult to extract the influences entirely from Ukrainian society and even more so from the minds of the Ukrainian people.

Many Ukrainians believe, as do the peoples of many countries that have been the subject of the massive subversion efforts of the US machine, that the parroted words “democracy” and “freedom” actually mean something to the US/NATO, for these are the standard reasons that the common people are given when they are pushed into accepting things that will in fact subvert the sovereignty of their countries and subjugate themselves to the US/NATO machine.

The words “freedom” and “democracy” are constantly parroted by officials and the subservient western media when reporting or discussing Ukraine thus giving the common people the impression that this is in fact what the protests in the abstract-far-way-land are all about. This is also true for western subverted internal Ukrainian media outlets, who claim to be exercising freedom of the press, when in fact they are engaged in the very subversions of their own countries. The promotion and portrayal of efforts at subversion as being in the best interests of the citizens are all important parts of CIA and US/NATO psychological and media operations and are key in bringing about the desired results, including such as what we are seeing now in Ukraine.

Without going into specifics as they are available anywhere on the net subversive efforts in Ukraine have targeted every sector of the population and have benefited from keeping the economic conditions of Ukrainians weak so that Ukrainians are dissatisfied and looking to the “West” for betterment. This is a false hope and a false savior but as Russia found out an idea that took hold and continues to be promoted in Ukraine unlike Russia which finally saw the beast of the West for what it really was and said no to NGOs USAID and US/NATO’s takeover of Russia.

The efforts have included first and foremost information and media manipulation, through organizations like USAID and NGOs civil society manipulation including in educational institutions (through subtle rewrites of history and carefully constructed curricula), health clinics and as we have seen in the past sterilization programs and the like (not necessarily in Ukraine but nonetheless used for population control and getting rid of undesirable populations). Other efforts include everything from fast food outlets (degrading the national diet and more importantly national mealtimes) and addicting the population (through subtle chemical additives and the like), entertainment (glorifying America and their depraved culture of sex and violence), internet (the favored tool for monitoring surveillance and control through social media) and everything and anything else that can be used to subvert the Ukrainian identity and glorify the West. The above tactics are not part of some conspiracy theory but tired and proven instruments of the NSA, the CIA and US/NATO.

When all of these fail (or in addition to the above) US/NATO might foment inter-ethnic, sectarian or religious strife and manipulate divisions and when all of those mechanisms fail to bring about the changes they seek to bring the country under control they will then resort to arming the opposition and as in Yugoslavia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and then they attempt in Syria, providing military and air-support to forcibly remove the leadership of the country and install their puppet regimes.

In Russia such attempts were in fact stopped thanks to a strong president and attentive security services however in Ukraine, as in almost all of the former Soviet Republics the demonization of Russia coupled with poor economic conditions, glorification of US/NATO/EU, and all or some of the above efforts, the security services failed. In Ukraine this failure has led to a pliable and divided population ready to believe anything the West says and ready to submit to whatever the West wants almost without argument. And in the final ready to engage in treasonous activities against their own country, people and government.

Current situation

I would hope that this will be read by at least some of the Ukrainian people so that they might take time to consider what in fact they are tearing their country apart over. I would also plea with the Ukrainian people to in fact study what the realities are of what they EU is offering before they criticize their government or take part in western-backed demonstrations.

What the EU offers

On the surface what the West is offering Ukraine with its EU integration package is somehow a better economic situation for the country and its citizens, something that of course is attractive to those facing economic hardships and unemployment, but the reality is that in dollar value the plus for Ukraine is a mere $1 billion over seven years. This will be in exchange for a large part of Ukrainian sovereignty including control of trade, manufacturing and the like which will take the form of legally binding instruments supposedly designed to bring Ukraine into EU “compliance”. It will also include the eventual loss of military sovereignty when Ukraine is forced to accept integration into NATO, which will not come cheap, will have to be paid for by Ukraine and take away money from social programs.

This NATO integration is the key goal for the West in Ukraine. Nothing else matters.

Such integration will also call for the Black Sea Fleet to be evicted and for the Ukrainian people to turn their backs (effectively) on their Slavic brothers to the North (Note: I rarely mention ethnic aspects but promoting unity among peoples who share historical roots is not a bad thing I believe) and open their arms and more importantly pockets, to the morally and otherwise bankrupt nations of US/NATO.

In brief what US/NATO offers Ukraine is the giving up of sovereignty, the opening up of markets and workforces to exploitation, and in the end the territory on which to establish their military infrastructure and on which to stations missiles to aim at Russia.

All talk of “assistance packages” must also be looked at with suspicion. While sounding as if the West is interested in assisting Ukraine, such economic mechanism are always come with conditions attached, including “reforms”, legislation, regulation and of course there is the question of payback at a percentage. Nothing good is free and the Trojan Horse that the EU is offering is a dangerous one indeed.

What Russia offers

I am not an expert and there are certainly professors, legal scholars and economists who have studied all of the agreements in detail but, overall from the research I have done, the facts are as I have set them out here.

Russia is offering Ukraine further integration in an economic block which will see its trade increased with the Russian Federation and which will bring Ukraine and the Ukrainian people over $100 billion dollars in the same seven year period that US/NATO/EU are offering a mere $1 billion.

What is more Russia is not demanding that Ukraine “reform” its government, or change legislation or in any other way give up an ounce of its sovereignty. Nor is Russia demanding the stationing of its troops in Ukraine or the installation of missiles to point at some bogeyman.

For Ukraine it is a win-win with Russia and it is a logical choice for the Ukrainian Government and the Ukrainian people. Russia and Ukraine share a long and deep shared history, shared languages, shared faith, a shared national character and a shared faith. Any division, even only in the Orthodox Faith, where deeper rapport was recently achieved must not be allowed to stand.

The US/NATO/EU strategy of divide and conquer must not be allowed to stand and anyone guilty of promoting it, I would argue is guilty of treason not only to their own country but to their own people.

Will Ukraine look out for its own best interests?

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych must be applauded for having the courage, the intelligence and the vision to pursue a path that is best for his country and for his people. Will he follow the lead of Russian President Vladimir Putin and demand respect for the sovereignty of his nation? The answer to that appears to be yes.

On Friday President Yanukovych promised to sack all of the officials who were in charge of preparing the Association and Free Trade Area Agreement with the European Union which they tried to push through under pressure from US/NATO/EU.

“Those who prepared the agreement will be relieved of their duties or sacked altogether,” he said during a round-table discussion to seek a way out of the crisis.

US/NATO/EU try to pressure Ukraine during internal crisis

What the US/NATO/EU are doing, both covertly and now overtly, to attempt to influence the internal political processes in the country and even bring about the removal of yet another leader are clearly acts of subversion and in real terms anyone inside the country who is knowingly assisting in such is guilty of treason. It is an internal sovereign Ukrainian decision which must be supported and must be protected from outside interference.

The level of open US interference has been called many things, even “crazy” by Russian officials, and goes further to underline the real intentions of US/NATO/EU for Ukraine. It is hard to imagine that there would be such a violent reaction from any country for the refusal to sign a mere trade and integration agreement and it shows the insane anti-Russia hysteria that still exists in the West.

US/NATO/EU attempts at influencing Ukraine

The attempts by the West at influencing Ukraine into rushing into an agreement with the EU have been unprecedented in scope quantity and degree and have included everything but threats of military strikes or arming the opposition to start bloodshed in the country.

The infrastructure that CIA installed to bring about the Orange Revolution appears to be intact and has been reactivated but apparently this time around the support is just not there, so CIA/State have brought out every other thing they can think of including:

– A White House online petition demanding the US government impose sanctions on Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

– Calls by the US backed opposition for early elections and for the government to resign

– U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland presence at demonstrations and joining in demanding the fall of democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

– German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle arriving at a protest camp with two opposition leaders and saying “Ukraine should be on board with Europe.”

– US State Department said on Wednesday it is considering all options, including sanction

EC actions are flagrant interference in internal affairs – Medvedev

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has called recent visits by members of the European Commission to a protest site in Kyiv as “flagrant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.”

“Flagrant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state is the only way I can describe the trips (to Ukraine) by some officials from the European Union and from other countries with visits to sites of civil protest activity, and sites of unauthorized events,” he said.

Prime Minister Medvedev also has branded recent visits of members of the European Commission to a site of mass pro-European Union demonstrations in Kyiv as “crazy.”

“It looks pretty crazy when incumbent ministers or European Commissioners come out onto a square. I don’t think this is the way to behave in the 21st century,” he told a news conference in Moscow.

In a television interview with Russian media Prime Minister Medvedev said the actions by the West were a threat to Ukraine as a country and an attack on their sovereignty.

US/NATO/EU obtuse

“Some of the comments that have been made by American officials over the last few days are shocking,” Sergei Ryabkov told Russian government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

I may assure you that we have sent all the necessary signals via Ms. Nuland (US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland) to the effect that interference in domestic processes in Ukraine may have very serious consequences,” he said.

“But it appears that we haven’t been heard in Washington again,” he added.

Revenge for Syria worse than just revenge for Syria

The US attempts to influence the situation in Ukraine are a desire to get revenge for the defeat in Syria said the head of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

“This hysterical reaction of the West to the fact that Ukraine refused to sign the association agreement with the EU, these political troops, which were landed there, the arrival of the Americans (although the European association is not their business), all these immediately shows, who was behind this idea: the wires are in the hands of the United States,” the MP said.

“The nerves of the State Department have snapped, it was staying away, but it can resist any longer: ‘… we can’t endure it any more – we are going to you with pies, ‘ this is not a demonstration of the strength of the EU and USA, but of their weakness,” he said.

Pushkov is convinced that after the defeat of the USA in Syria, after all these failures in the foreign policy, Washington has a great desire to “take revenge in Ukraine”, to show that the West has the initiative, that the West is still the force that determines the course of events in global affairs. “Ukraine has become the arena, which determines whether the West is losing the initiative or not,” he said.

US continues pulling out all the stops in Ukrainian interference

US Senator John McCain, who is a key figure in almost every country that the US has attempted to or succeeded in bringing about a regime change or a military invasion is to arrive in Ukraine over the weekend, the highest-ranking US official to meet with the opposition and protestors.

“Senator McCain is traveling to Ukraine to meet with government officials, opposition leaders and civil society at this critical time as Ukrainians struggle for their future,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers told The Daily Beast.

McCain is supposed to be in Kyiv on Saturday and Sunday, according to the report. He will be joined there Sunday by Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, according to The Daily Beast.

It is not clear upon whose invitation he is arriving in Ukraine but it is clear as with Moscow that organizers of color revolutions and middlemen for the CIA are always called in when US/NATO are desperate to effect regime change. Whether his presence will be welcomed by President Yanukovych remains to be seen.

Hopefully the appearance of McCain in Ukraine is not a sign that the West is ready to push Ukraine into a civil war but judging from McCain’s past record and his involvement in Benghazi, Libya, Iraq and other US war zones, this may be a distinct possibility.

Continuing Russophobic hysteria

The irrational and “crazy” reaction by US/NATO/EU to a simple trade decision might be easier to understand given the light of the continuing and even escalated Russophobia in the West, something promoted by NATO which is desperately trying to stay relevant, by the US which needs a bogeyman to maintain the profit margins for the Military Industrial Complex and by the EU which seeks to appease its US/NATO masters.

Again, and I have said this many times, European Russia makes up 40% of Europe and Ukraine is the largest country in Europe aside from Russia, so the ongoing attempts by the EU to somehow exclude Russia from Europe are also not entirely sane or logical to put it mildly.

Voice of Russia regular Rick Rozoff recently stated in an interview with the Voice of Russia in which he discussed Russian media that Russophobia continues and has escalated in the US.

“… despite the end of Soviet Communism there was no end of Russophobia, that not only continued but I would argue in many ways it has been escalated.”

Continuing desperate attempts at achieving hegemony

The attempts by US/NATO/EU to pull Ukraine into its sphere of influence and away from Russia only show the desperation that they have in proving to the world that they are still the masters of all of us and follows the policy of the West that any country that shows any modicum of independence or sovereignty must either have its leader gotten rid of or must be destroyed entirely.

West Makes Ukraine A Battlefield In New East-West Conflict

By Xinhua News Agency

Commentary: Western powers should respect Ukraine over domestic affairs

BEIJING: Western powers have attempted to manipulate the opinions of the Ukrainian people over whether the country should sign a key trade and association pact with the European Union (EU).

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland flew to Kiev and offered support to protesters in Independence Square, joining the league of the opposition demanding the fall of democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovich.

Nuland is far from the only Western politician who has gone to cheer on the protesters. German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle toured the heart of the protest camp with two opposition leaders, telling them that “Ukraine should be on board with Europe.”

Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers warned of sanctions, while EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton told reporters in Kiev that Yanukovich had promised a solution within 24 hours.

The West is keen to lock down a compromise from the Ukrainian government, which in late November dropped a plan to go West and turned instead toward Moscow.

Given its geographical importance, Ukraine has long been caught in a tug-of-war between the Western powers and Russia.

However, it is Ukraine that should think and decide for itself. The West must keep its hands off the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation. Showing support for the anti-government protesters is a serious blow to Ukrainian democracy, not to mention that it could complicate regional affairs.

The West may plunge the East European country into turmoil by stoking confrontation, rather than calling for dialogue to resolve domestic disputes.

Moreover, the aggressive move to push Ukraine back into the embrace of the European Union is a direct challenge to Moscow’s sway over the former Soviet republic, raising political tension and causing instability in the area.

Even though a temporary solution to the crisis is on the horizon, Western meddling has aborted independent dialogue between the government and opposition, planting the seeds of future social and political division in the nation.

The Cold War is over. Yet an either-or mentality still seems to linger in old battlefields such as Ukraine.

The open interference of Western powers raises the specter of an out-dated zero-sum thinking – and that would only lead to a lose-lose situation.