Remaining Faithful to the Revolutionary Struggle Against Imperialism

On the Injustices of Those Representing Just Causes

Amal Saad-Ghorayeb

Western and Third World leftists, as well as some of us here in the region, often romanticize governments, movements and individuals in the Resistance Axis.

The truth is that our side which represents politically just causes can be grossly unjust on the interpersonal and social levels, in professional settings, in the domestic political arena, and in the economy to name but a few.

Our camp is not immune to corruption, crime, violence or even treachery as Hamas has demonstrated all too well.

Sometimes it is greed and opportunism which drives some Arabs to sell out to the imperialists and their cronies, but often-times it is disillusionment with our camp for all of the above.

In times of such disillusionment and outright disgust with such injustices I remind myself that

I am not supporting the Resistance Axis or its constituents per se, but its struggle against imperialism and Zionism.

And if Iran, Hizbullah, Syria, and Palestinian groups were to abandon this struggle, then we should abandon them.

This is beyond partisanship and ideology; it is identity and being.