Libya’s Counter-Revolution: Interview With Gerald Perreira

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Libya’s Counter-Revolution: ‘Africa’s Wealth & Resources For The African People, Managed By The African People’ With Gerald Perriera

This week on Heart Of Africa, Kudakwashe hosts respected international journalist, Gerald Perreira, at the request the programme’s dedicated listeners, who expressed the desire for him to address emerging questions regarding Libya,  following the episode, “Libya’s Counter-Revolution: “Europe Wants Africa Without Africans With Gerald Perreira.”  The programme is therefore listener directed. Sincere appreciation is expressed to all who contributed.

Gerald is a founding member of the Guyanese organizations, Joint Initiative for Human Advancement, and Dignity and Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG). He lived in Libya for many years, and served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defence of the Al Fateh revolution and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Tripoli. He is the International Secretary for the newly formed, African Revolutionary Movement.

NATO’s invasion of Libya in 2011 resulted in the country becoming a launchpad for increasing military invasions in Africa and the Middle East, since Muammar Qaddafi was assassinated. Scholars like Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya explain that the desolation of Libya that began in 2011, did not only extensively reduce Libya to a ‘powerless’ state, but enabled Europe and USA to exert the hegemony they had over Libya, pre-1969, in way in which they can re-extend their domination over Africa and Middle East, just like they did back then.

Professor of International Law, Francis Boyle, in his new book, “Destroying Libya and World Order: The Three-Decade U.S. Campaign to Reverse the Qaddafi Revolution“, reveals how it took three decades for the United States government, over five different presidential administrations, to overthrow and reverse the 1969 Qaddafi Revolution.

Their aim was to resubjugate Libya, take control over its oil fields, and destroy its Jamahiriya system. The book also shows what was both wrong and illegal from the perspective of an international law professor and lawyer who tried for over three decades to stop the overthrow attempts. This book has been discussed briefly on Heart of Africa.

Garikai Chengu uniquely shows the outstanding exemplary democracy that the nation State of Libya existed in under the leadership of Qaddafi. He exposes that contrary to well known beliefs, which western media portrayed as ‘Qaddafi’s military dictatorship’, Libya was actually one of the world’s most democratic states – if not a true model of a democratic state.

Garikai also points out that “Democracy is not merely about holding elections simply to choose which particular representatives of the elite class should rule over the masses. True democracy is about democratising the economy and giving economic power to the majority.” This was the reality of life in Libya.

Having lived in Libya for many years, Gerald gives the listener fundamentally explicit knowledge on the extensive development of Libya’s  Jamahiriya under Qaddafi’s, and informs the listeners of the consequential mass desolation caused by the NATO invasion since 2011.

He responds to questions about the situation on the ground in Libya today; the threat of the balkanisation of Libya; the imminent threat of  a further NATO military intervention in Libya; the plight of dark-skinned Libyans and Africans in Libya; and points out key tenets to be observed for the restoration and rebuilding of Libya – or any other African country.

Gerald once again informs the listeners of the chaotic governance over Libya at present under the interim government of  Mohammed al-Megarif, directly resulting in further deterioration of the  livelihood of Libyans. He further highlights the extent of Libyan refugee crisis in neighbouring countries.

He esteems Qaddafi’s benevolence that he extended to Africans across the world, especially in troubled times, using generally unpublicised examples. Gerald also responds to questions on the new political isolation law in Libya, directly designed to block anyone who had links with Qaddafi’s government from serving in Libya.

The discussion stretches to other subjects affecting Africa and the African people across the world, connected to the “Libyan Counter-Revolution”. The current instability in Nigeria leading to the state of emergency declaration in 3 regions; the seemingly re-emerging war in Darfur; the death of Hugo Chavez, the murder of Malcolm Shabazz, the  Assata Shakur ; and the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar on Libyan affairs, are all brought under scrutiny.

Gerald sums up the discussion boldly declaring that Africa’s wealth and resources belong to the African people and must be managed by the African people for the benefit of all African people, who are capable of being their own masters. He projects a bold message on the invaluable unique unity required among the African people all across the world, especially indicating that on Saturday Africa commemorates the formation of the Organisation of African Unity 50 years ago. This organisation preceded today’s African Union, whose failures Gerald explains.

Gerald recommended the following websites for reliable information on Libya: Libya 360Pan African News WireSan Francisco Bay ViewSons Of MalcomBlack Agenda Report, and Jamahiriya News Agency.

Concluding the programme, Kudakwashe gives a relevant biblical message, encouraging the African people to recognise their God given abundant resources, and become masters of managing and distributing these righteously. Further more, she exhorts African people to connect to God, the crucial relationship required for the tangible revival of the African dream.

Heart of Africa is broadcasted live every Wednesday night at 2000 hours Central Africa Time (British Summer Time) or 2100 hours Central Africa Time (British Winter Time), on It is dedicated to examining matters that affect Africa from a Pan-African Christian perspective, as we envisage the revival of the African dream. Comments and questions welcome here or via twitter @HeartOfAfrica55. All rights reserved.

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