Canada Aiding France’s War on Mali

French foreign minister has referred to it as the “total reconquest” of its former colony. And now Canada is involving itself militarily in Mali, a country where Canadian mining companies have a lucrative trade. Analysts accuse the Harper government of taking sides in sectarian conflicts in order to reinforce Zionist and other neocolonial interests. They note that while Canada is effectively siding with al-Qaeda-affiliated armed gangs that are destroying Syria they are concurrently coming to the aid of Mali’s military junta, citing the need to combat the armed-insurgent groups that Canada appears to be in league with in Syria.

The Toronto based mining company IAMGOLD collaborates with the controversial AngloGold Ashanti corporation in Mali. The government of Prime Minister Steven Harper has remained conspicuously silent about Canada’s involvement in Mali. The deployment of a Canadian C-17 plane to Mali, at a cost of $18.6 million to the tax payer, was only revealed via a tweet by Mali’s Canadian-backed dictator. Canada also has an “unspecified number” of special forces on the ground.

Analysts have noted the irony that the indigenous peoples of Canada are currently protesting some of the very mining companies the Harper government is spending millions of tax dollars to seemingly back up in Mali. This leads analysts to argue that the indigenous peoples of Canada have much in common with the indigenous peoples of Mali, as both are confronted with rulers who represent the interests of powerful Islamophobes and resource companies.