Call for a National Election Boycott in Libya


It is a bitter irony that calls for an election boycott are coming from the monarchists. It is apparent that they never intended to accept NATO’s imposed government, although they instigated the armed insurrection and demanded “intervention” that would see two million Libyans displaced, over 300,000 slaughtered by NATO and its mercenaries and an entire nation destroyed (to be rebuilt at the expense of the people of Libya!).

If Libyans do not want to accept the rule of the NATO-NTC overlords, the best course of action would be a national boycott of these bogus, undemocratic elections.

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Allowing the monarchists to partition Libya and permitting NATO puppets to remain in power is cultural suicide.

(See: Imperialist-Backed Rebels Threaten The Division Of North African State)

At present, Libya is being used as a stage to launch further acts of aggression against African and Middle Eastern nations.  The renewed call for a “Free Trade Zone” is not about tourism and job creation.  Under the current conditions of NATO rule it will result in increased violence, lawlessness and unobstructed operations involving weapons, drugs and human trafficking.

The imperialist agents have been actively destroying every freedom Libyans enjoyed under their former system of governance.

Now Qatar owns 49% of Libya’s once sovereign state-owned bank.

(See: 5,000 Qatari Troops Helped To Colonize Libya ; Qatar’s Delerious Ambitions )

Where is the money that belonged to the Libyan people?

It is being confiscated under the guise of the “necessary seizure of Gaddafi family assets“. The money never belonged to the Gaddafi family. It always belonged to the people of Libya. This money is being stolen from the people of Libya while they suffer impoverishment, hunger, homelessness, humiliation, deprivation of rights and freedoms and unimaginable hardship.

Who is profiting from these seizures?

Libya’s oil has become privatized.  Soon Libyans will have to pay for water and basic utilities that were once free and considered a human right.

As stated by Libya 360° reader, Sabina Guevara;

“Libya was as much a war for water as it was for gold and oil.

Veolia (formerly Vivendi), Suez Ondeo (formerly Generale des Eaux) and Saur – the French companies that control over 40% of the global water market, had a stake in water profits from the war. The Great Man Made River was created to irrigate all of North Africa. The imperialists couldn’t risk that kind of progress.

(See: Who Profits From The War Against Libya?)

Vivendi also forced the people of Colombia to pay for rain water, even involving the Colombian police and military in removing people’s private rain barrels.”

Homes are no longer free.  Libyans without homes will now be forced to pay rent for shelter.  Land they may have worked on for over 40 years will be seized and returned to the former owners.

(See: NTC: New Law Renders Thousands Of Libyans HomelessNATO’s Slow Genocide in Libya )

Libya’s years of independence have ended.  What remains is not democracy, but vicious oppression that will serve imperialist interests exclusively.

(See: Libyan “Democracy” Courtesy Of Al Qaeda & NATO)

Fortunately, the Libyan people have an option.   The LPNM (Libyan Popular National Movement)  is becoming increasingly well organized.  Their vision would ensure Libya’s national sovereignty as well as freedom and dignity for every citizen.

(See: LLF Organizing On The Sahel ; LLF Formed To Resist The US-NATO Puppet Regime ; Founding Declaration Of The Libyan Popular National Liberation Movement)

Alexandra Valiente
Libya 360°


A self-proclaimed autonomous council for Libya’s oil-producing eastern province has called on people in the region to boycott an election scheduled for next month, saying it will not give adequate representation to the east.

The election, for a special national assembly that will draw up a new constitution, is a crucial milestone in shaping the country’s new institutions after a revolt last year forced out leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The Council of Cyrenaica, which wants autonomy for the eastern region around the city of Benghazi, said it wanted guarantees of fair representation for Libya’s provinces before the election takes place.

“The transitional authorities are currently working on railroading the Libyan people and the whole country into a constitutional process in which the new state will not be built correctly,” the council said in a statement.

“The Council of Cyrenaica is calling on Libyans in general, and the residents of Cyrenaica in particular, to reject the political process in its current deformed shape… and to boycott the elections of the national assembly if the transitional authorities insist on their current stance.”

The Cyrenaica council, headed by a descendant of Libya’s former king and made up of civic leaders, does not have any legal status and it is not clear how much support it has, even in its heartland around Benghazi, Libya’s second city.

However, the call for a boycott will add to the hurdles facing the election.

Libya’s interim leadership, the National Transitional Council, has to date been unable to agree on a definitive set of rules for the vote, and lack of security on the ground could derail the process.

Libyans began to register to vote in the election this week, a novelty for them. Gaddafi outlawed elections for 40 years. He said they were undemocratic and instead created a system of direct self-government.

One voter registration center in Tripoli had to be closed after armed men from one of the country’s many militias arrived in pick-up trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns. They were protesting over the rules of the vote.

Reporting by Mohammed Al-Tommy; Writing by Christian Lowe; Editing by Maria Golovnina