The NTC’s Deceptive New Draft Electoral Law is Cultural Genocide

Alexandra Valiente
Libya 360°

Overshadowed by global criticism for its pervasive human rights abuses and nationwide resistance to the brutal NATO-backed dictatorship, the NTC announced today that it was modifying the new anti-democratic draft election law.

Although they overtly state they have abandoned the proposal that would have reserved 10 percent of seats on the 200 member General National Congress for women, in the final analysis this provides no guarantee that women will have equal representation. The NTC have simply eliminated references to gender in declaring that two-thirds of the congress will be comprised of candidates from “political groups” with the remaining seats going to “independent members”.

The NTC have not withdrawn their enforcement of sharia law, which automatically eradicates women’s rights, including the right to a political voice.

As Libya 360° reported in October,

When Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the head of the NATO-backed National Transition Council, was officially declaring Libya “liberated” on October 23, he also announced that Libyan law will now be in accordance with sharia. While sharia law can be interpreted in various ways, Jalil singled out Libyan laws on divorce and marriage in his speech: “The law of divorce and marriage … This law is contrary to sharia and it is stopped.

Previously in Libya, women were allowed to marry and divorce freely and polygamy was outlawed. After divorce, women left marriages with their previous assets, the family home and generally all joint assets. These practices will now be abolished and polygamy and secret marriages will be legalized.

This may be the first of many laws to turn back the clock on women’s rights in Libya. Under Muammar Gaddafi’s government, women were highly educated and well-represented in all occupations, including positions in the government.

Anyone who supported the former government remains excluded from running for office, which leaves the majority of Libyans without any political presence. They will remain permanently silenced and denied participation in decisions that will shape their present and future.

The Libyan people are being asked to vote between one imperialist puppet and another and these elections are at best a sham of democracy that can never replace the direct democracy they enjoyed with their former government.

Under NATO-NTC rule, Libya, once a prestigious, democratic, wealthy and sovereign nation, will be nothing more than a subservient, impoverished client state of its Western criminal usurpers.

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Rather than appease its critics, this latest move is far more likely to incite deeper revolutionary action to topple the the NTC dictatorship that rules by terror and whose spokesperson, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, is on record as stating that there will be no democracy in Libya.

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